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BaretaNews Situational Reports-Tuesday, January 16th







BaretaNews Updates

1. La Republique Forces shoot to death one civilian in Ikiliwindi later this afternoon as they went on rampage. Kwa Kwa still deserted with over 6000 Denizens out of their land.

2. The Ambazonia Restoration Army (ARA) in Whatsapp groups says during their patrol in Weh, they met a stubborn soldier who was sent six feet as a result of a gun exchanged. BaretaNews had earlier reported the death of one colonial officer in the morning. This is the first time we are hearing of ARA. We take note that more and more defense groups builds up as days go by.

3. La Republique has dispatch truck loads of military to Fundong and Belo areas. We are told they are afraid of an impending defense of the northern territorial space.

4. BaretaNews learned the Principal and Vice Principal Of a Government school in Malende have been arrested. La Republique is accusing them for causing the panic which degenerated across Southern zone yesterday. Such move has grounded the few schools who had earlier opened their doors. La Republique is looking for scape goats. BaretaNews earlier warned that such a move according to social media dynamics are signals for what may come ahead. Arresting the Principal and Vice is of no use because Amba rules.

5. The Tigers in a communique which has flooded Whatsapp rooms declare their support for IG and says they will protect homeland and ensures that the laws of the land are upheld. Tigers revealed that their organisation is independent and does not have any relationship or approval from the IG for carrying out their actions. BaretaNews took note that they made for the first time a website

6. We are into the 11th day since the abductions of the Interim President Of Ambazonia and his Cabinet. We are still to get words if the lawyers hired had met them as promised. Nothing has filtered out yet but what we know is that the hands of France and Cameroun are seriously playing in Nigeria. We hear they want to incriminate our leaders or forced them to sign a one United Cameroun document with effective decentralisation and at same time be actors to ensure that peace returns to the Cameroons.

Our intel suggests our leaders are refusing such a deal. This is why their release and even the lawyers to see them have been difficult. It is either they are charge to court or get release. We will love to go to court, we want la Republique to proof to us if they have territorial authority over Southern Cameroons. We recall that Nigeria has as responsibility to uphold the Abuja ruling which requested Nigeria to hold our hands and take our issue to the UN. However, we keep our eyes open at what is happening in Nigeria.

Mark Bareta
16/1/2018, 18:47PM Amba Time.

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