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Southern Cameroons is not the first nation to walk the freedom walk. Before us was Israel, even Israel of the Lord; oppressed and subjugated for 400 years by evil kings who knew not their God and so feared Him not. The Bible says there is a time for everything: among such things, we should find a time to be enslaved and a time to be set free.

Slaves have never loved their enslavement. The Israelites did not and so we too do not. So why did the Jews remain in slavery for so long and why have we been oppressed for 56years? Was it because there were no men of valour to set the captives free?

It is written in the Good Book that Moses smote an Egyptian who oppressed his people in the field. That was indicative, but it was not yet time for Pharaoh’s captives to be set free. And so Moses had to suffer exile for 40years while his people passively kept the resistance. In our case, valiant men have abounded. Like it was with Moses, they too came before God’s time and so the people did not rise to follow them. When it was the time of the Lord, Moses wanted God to give the people a sign so that they may follow him. The people needed to follow Moses to be liberated.


The RED SEA experience shall always confront every people that God wants to set free, not because God takes delight in this but rather because man is weak (even in matters that are clearly for his good), their fearfulness and their lack of faith. And so at the bank of the Red Sea, the Israelites cursed Moses and consequently, cursed the Lord. They said it would have been preferable that they remained in their slavery. At the worst, they wouldn’t lack a meal. The Southern Cameroons find themselves pretty much in the same situation. The very people who rose up for restoration now want to let go because children are getting pregnant and are wayward. (This is what Egypt did to us dear people; parents have abandoned their duty to the teacher. That is not correct.) The people are now beginning to give themselves many reasons to return to their Egypt; La Republique du Cameroun. But our God will rise at the banks of the Red Sea. All He requires of the people is for them to be patient and to have faith in Him and in those He has appointed to take them home.


It takes operation PUSH to move God’s hand. For those whom God has blessed with the gift of sight, they will testify that mighty things are being wrought at the place of prayer; that evil altars are falling in and around the Cameroons. For those whom the Lord has blessed with the spirit of discernment, they have seen how Yaoundé is collapsing physically and fiscally. A great evil spirit of plunder and waste has come upon Yaoundé. The prayers of the faithful is working signs and wonders.

What did Yaoundé say? That the lawyers are hungry people and will run back to the courts after two weeks; that teachers and learners will get tired and return to school. Satan in fact thought we were so hemmed in that we didn’t have a voice any more. Little did they know that God was yet planning mighty things for us.

Now, it is our turn on the banks of the Red Sea. Before us is the wicked Red Sea, and behind us the terrifying army of Pharaoh Paul Biya. There are two other things we have refused to see; 1) The Pillar of Fire by night and 2) The Pillar of Cloud by day. The Bible says these two Pillars separated the children of Israel from the army so that one did not come close to the other until the Israelites crossed. And so it is for us this season, in the name of Jesus.

Despair is not what we should do at the banks. Rather we should PUSH, Pray Until Something Happens. The Bible says we should pray without ceasing. In prayer, we must remain focused, our hearts placed on the liberation trophy permanently. Should we take our minds off the trophy like Peter did off the Lord and began sinking, then we too shall sink.

Dear people of God, just imagine that Jesus Christ got weary on the way to Calvary. Where would we be today? Shall we therefore be weary of a little sacrifice to set even our children free?
Let us pray and let us PUSH on, without complaining, and the rest, our God shall take care of.

TASSANG Wilfred, Deacon

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