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Bakassi Population Abandoned As Ambazonia War Of Independence Intensifies



Bakassi Population Abandoned As Ambazonia War Of Independence Intensifies

By Mbah Godlove.

Residents of Bakassi, Ndian County of the Southern Zone have begun decrying French Cameroun’s neglect of their locality.

The people are said to be in anguish as they have been completely abandoned to themselves.

Existing structures such as Schools are being increasingly swallowed up by sea water.

Years ago, the French Cameroun government announced they were going to ensure the development of the resource rich area ceded to Ambazonia by Nigeria over 12years ago.

The people have been in misery in the past months as cholera and floods took central stage.

Inhabitants fear that the rate of erosion may leave them with no structure in the nearest future.

It is worth mentioning that the Ndian County whose petroleum deposits and other natural resources are being exploited by French Cameroun with impunity is the least developed County in Ambazonia’s Southern Zone.

The forgotten people of Bakassi are now calling for prompt humanitarian intervention as their situation worsen day after day.

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