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Bait to Denominational Schools revives colonial pact with Churches



Ambazonia Clergy

On 30 November 2016, after failing to reach an agreement with teachers’ trade unions in the Cameroons to stop their ongoing sit-in strike action, Prime Minister Yang Philemon announced a grant of FCFA two billion (2,000,000,000) to schools owned by churches. Schools belonging to the Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and other churches were going to benefit from this government largesse.

Prime Minister Yang, in the same statement, announced the creation of 1,000 jobs for the benefit of bilingual teachers.

Analysts and observers of government policies in Cameroon have viewed these gestures severally and differently, but are unanimous that the government just wanted the church-owned schools to distance themselves from the strike action. If government succeeded, they would have divided the teachers and persecution of the steadfast and ‘recalcitrant’ ones would be easier.

Many are agreed that the gamble to create 1000 teaching jobs was a huge scam or con art to raise hundreds of billions for a corrupt government. Those who are quick to do arithmetic have hinted that from the thousand teaching jobs, government would raise 215 billion to bait denominational schools with a meager 2 billion.

As the churches and other Judases are ready to betray the genuine aspirations of the West Cameroonian, as this is a neocolonial scheme, I wish we remind ourselves of the antics of the colonial powers.

Churches were always used by the Kings and queens of Europe to exploit the colonies and to further slavery under the guise of evangelization. Today, with prosperity gospels and the gloved return to colonization, governments are once more leaning on churches to numb the brains of Africans for continuous exploitation.

As man has learned from history that man does not learn from history, I wish to share a speech from King Leopold II of Belgium, in hopes that West Cameroonians stay alert and not allow ourselves to be taken down that colonial route again.

King Leopold II on 12 January 1883 delivered a speech to missionaries in Congo outlining the tricks to be played on Africans, to exploit and keep them in bondage in the name of God. Not to resemble my brothers who upon appointment in Yaounde, would want to address their English-speaking comrades in French, I would attempt an English translation of portions of Leopold II’s speech. The preamble of the speech is instructive.

“Reverend Fathers and dear compatriots, you are welcomed to this great part of the Belgian Congo.The task you have been entrusted to execute is very delicate and requires a lot of cunning. Priests and pastors, certainly you are here to evangelize, but your evangelization must be guided by this most important principle: before all else, the interests of the Metropolis.

Therefore, the main goal of your mission to Congo is not to teach the African to know God. They have always known God from the days of their ancestors. They speak and submit themselves to MUNGU, NZAMBI, NZAKOMBO MOUKOULO etc and many other gods. Africans know that to kill, steal, sleep with another person’s wife, slander and insult are bad.
Let us have the courage to admit it; you are not here to teach them what they already know. Your main role, which is teaching, is to facilitate the work of administrators and industrialists. This is, therefore, to say that you would interpret the scriptures in such a way which will best protect and preserve our interests in this part of the world.

For this to be done, you should ensure that our savage niggers develop no interest for their ground or underground wealth. Make sure they do not start any deadly rivalry with us and that they should never dream of dislodging us from this region before we have enriched ourselves.

Our knowledge of the gospels would enable us find convenient scriptures on and recommending, making and loving poverty. Such as: “HAPPY ARE THE POOR IN SPIRIT: FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS THEIRS. IT IS DIFFICULT FOR A RICH MAN TO ENTER HEAVEN THAN FOR A CAMEL TO GO THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE”.

Do everything for niggers to be afraid of enriching themselves so that they could deserve heaven. Support them, bit by bit, to prevent them from revolting one day. Industrialists and administrators, to be feared, would be forced from time to time to resort to violence. Beat, insult, and arrest them to be respected. Niggers should never be allowed to retaliate or harbor any desire for vengeance. For that, you shall teach them by all means and encourage them to follow the example of all saints who turned the other jaw to be slapped, who forgave trespasses, who were spat on without recoiling and insults. Isolate them and dampen their interest in all things that could embolden them to attack us.

Here, I am referring specifically to their numerous war fetishes which they are not so ready to discard. Your action has to focus essentially on youths so that they do not inherit any of their parents’ ideas. You must insist that when the orders of the priest contradict those of their parents, children must learn to obey the orders of the Missionary who is their spiritual father.

As such, lay particular emphasis on submission and respect, even blind obedience. These virtues are best applied when there is no criticism. Teach school children to believe and not to reason.
Evangelize the niggers, right to their marrow so that they would always remain submissive to white colonialists. Ensure that they never revolt against the injustices you would subject them to. Let them meditate on this everyday: “HAPPY ARE THOSE WHO MOURN FOR THEY SHALL INHERIT HEAVEN”.

Dear compatriots, here are some of the principles you would be applying. You would find many more in the books you would be receiving at the end of this conference.
Do not spare the rod in converting blacks.

Keep their wives in your house for nine months so that they would work for you for free, and take them to bed if need be. Then for acknowledgment, insist that they offer you their most cherished things like goats, chicken, eggs, every time you visit their villages. Ensure that the nigger never becomes rich. Every day, sing that it is impossible for a rich man to go to heaven.

Make them to pay a tax during mass every Sunday. While pretending that this money would go for charity and to help the poor, use it to open big shops wherever you are; curates, parishes, missions, and as such transform your missions into huge and booming commercial centers. Help a few poor people with trifles to encourage others to invest regularly by paying their church taxes. Tell blacks to starve to death while you eat to your fill, 5 or more times a day. Always fill your stomachs with good things and let your mouths constantly exude the smell of onions everywhere you go.

Institute a system of confessions that would make you look like good detectives who denounce all blacks who have awoken their awareness and could call for independence.

Teach the nigger a type of doctrine that you yourself will never put the principles into practice. When they ask you why you yourself act contrary to what you preach, answer that: DO WHAT WE SAY AND NOT WHAT WE DO. And when they react by saying ANY FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS A DEAD FAITH, get angry and beat them up or by telling them that: happy are those who believe without seeing they shall be sons of God.

Tell them that the carving objects they are keeping in their homes are the works of Satan. Confiscate these statues and fill up museums like Vartel and the Vatican Museum. As such cause the blacks to forget their heroes so that they should respect only our heroes who, naturally would never listen to the African. Examples are Saint Mary, Saint Theresa, Saint Andre, etc…

When a black visits you, never give him a seat. At most, give them a cigarette. Even when they slaughter a chicken for you each time you visit them, never invite them to dine with you. Consider the blacks as little children you would continue to deceive even after independence.
Insist that they always call you ‘my father’. Swear by communism and persecution whenever they ask you to stop deceiving and exploiting them.

Written in French by Leopold II on 12 January 1883

Translated by Christopher Fon Achobang

Nothing has changed today.

News just breaking says Bishop Nkuoh George of Kumbo diocese, on behalf of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda (Bamenda, Buea, Kumbo, Mamfe and Kumba diocese) has released a statement condemning the strike action by teachers as misguided. I hope we now recognize the enemies of God and the people of Southern Cameroons.

The only good priest in Cameroon is Cardinal Tumi, but having served the Vatican (the seat of evil and Mafia) for many years, he would probably have committed many sins of omission.

The Catholic Church in Cameroon, like all other churches have no moral authority to tell us what is good or bad. Leopold II confirms that we blacks have always known good from evil from the days of our ancestors. Unlike the churches who take the widow’s mite from the poor, African religions sustain the poor.

Churches have raped and defiled Africans for centuries. For the renaissance of Africa, without rejecting their gods, Africans should throw away the doctrines and scriptures brought to them by agents of Leopold II and the other kings of Europe.

Bishop Nkuo George should be on the right side of history. The FCFA 2 billion from the government of Cameroun Republic has once more exposed the Catholic Church. Other churches would be joining them.

Fon Christopher Achobang
Social Commentator, Human rights activist
The Cameroons

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