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Ayah Paul Castigates Ambazonian Diasporan Activitists



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness

Ayah Paul Castigates Ambazonian Diasporan Activitists

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Southern Cameroonian legal personality, Ayah Paul Abine has condemned Ambazonian Diasporan activists for ‘lording’ over their fellow countrymen.

In a message published on his official Facebook page on July 4, the erstwhile judge entreated activists to refrain from posing as masters on their fellow compatriots back home.

“It is important for the foreign legions to understand that the people of Southern Cameroons have not given them any mandate just as they have not given any mandate to anyone on the territory. It seems safe, then, to hold that neither component should seek to lord it over the other,” he warned.

The seasoned politician regretted the fact that Ambazonians in homeland bear the brunt of the the ongoing hostilities brought by the independence struggle, while the foreign ‘legions’ dictate from save havens abroad.

“It cannot be otherwise even today as those persons on the territory have lost their lives and livelihood even as those abroad are enjoying their lives to the fullest in foreign sanctuaries,” the legal mind intimate.

The 70 year-old Ayah Paul Abine insinuated that the focus of the moment should have been on the thousands of refugees in Nigeria, as well as those languishing in neighbouring French Cameroun cities and detention centres, rather than fighting over leadership positions.

He frowned at some Amazonian leaders whom he indicted of disrupting the 2019 proposed Swiss dialogue due to their egocentric motives.

Since the outbreak of the Ambazonian war of independence in 2016, Southern Cameroonians in homeland have received all sorts of precarious war atrocities ranging from the loss of their homes, villages and lives.

Ambazonians abroad have as well lost some valuables. It is on this note that Ayah Paul calls for a common interest of both; those in the diaspora and those in fatherland to patriotically unite so as to find a lasting solution to their problems.

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