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Ayah Breaks Silence: Keep All Records of Anglophone Victims, I shall Honour Them



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness

Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine who has been in detention for three months running as a result of the Southern Cameroons crisis has broken his silence. In his first message published through his son Ayah Ayah on Tuesday 18th April, 2017 on Facebook, Chief Justice Ayah calls on all Cameroonians to keep records on all the atrocities and hold fast to the struggle. He wrote:

“.. Tell all Cameroonians at home and abroad to keep a record of all ‘anglophone’ victims of the ongoing crisis. Jelously keep records of all those who have lost their lives in particular, as well as those whose most intimate intimacies have been brutally violated, as well as they who have lost material property, alongside the complete/precise address of their families.

I will honour them in a very special but symbolic way; and at the appointed time, when God pulls me out of here, be it in the near or distant future. Equally help me tell their families that I feel their pain; For THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE IS BEYOND HUMAN UNDERSTANDING.

Everyday, in my communion with the Most High, I hear their voices and feel the spiritual tears behind the innocence in their spilt blood, encouraging me to stand on my feet till the end. I must honour them in a special way at the appointed time, be it in this life or in the life to come. Equally tell all Cameroonians of good will to pray, for there is a God that LIveth and Heareth; HE has gone before US and HE Himself will fight for HIS own. PEACE BE WITH THEM ALL…”

We of BaretaNews stand with the Chief Justice and we continually pray for his release

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