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Automated Toll Gates In Cameroon Soon



Automated Toll Gates In Cameroon Soon

The Ministry of Public Works led by Mr. Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi and the government of Cameroon hand on May launched a public order calling for construction of some automated toll gates across the country. The automated toll gates will replace the 14 manual toll gates on the following roads network across the country:







The document stated that the toll gates will be constructed to meet international standards. The government seems to be embarking on it promise to make Cameroon emerge by 2035. According to the information released, payment points of about 200 vehicles will be expected to go through a toll per hour. The paper reveals that each payment point will have 2×2 lanes (2 lanes each way) measuring about 22.4 meters with a width of 2×1.5meters with two walk-ways for pedestrians. However, the Edea and Nkometou (around Yaoundé from the West) will be the exception with 2×3 lanes, 32.80meters long and 2×1.5 meters wide.


The government noted that there be heavy surveillance buildings with video cameras and gendarmerie post on each toll gate for security purposes.The big innovation shall see the introduction of a machine that will be in charge of collections. This is to say users will be expected to pay hence with a card. BaretaNews thinks this is good for the economy. It will greatly curb corruption in its own right and give a face lift to visitors who visits the country.


Automated Toll gates are widely used in developed countries as well as in some African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt. In Cameroon, the case has been different.The sector has been rocked by financial scandal. The control mission of the Supreme State Audit in 2015 revealed that about 5 billion francs collected from toll gates around the country between 2007 and 2011 were embezzled. This was facilitated by a racket within the chiefs on toll gates and workers who print their own tickets as such steal away billions of CFA from the state.


While this is a lofty idea, BaretaNews wonders if these roads actually need to have automated toll gates. Most of them are in horrible states and are often single lanes. It will take a great deal for this to be a reality. However, BaretaNews commend the government for the initiative. We hope it would be successful.

God is still saying something.

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