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Attack On Mbeta Village Imminent, LRC Strategizing On Moves








It is almost an open secret that terrorist soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), will attack Mbeta village, Nguti Sub Division, Kupe Muanenguba County.

According to an authoritative information cabled to the BaretaNews central desk, the colonial soldiers are planning to invade the village on three fronts.

Reports say the invasion is triggered by the killing of LRC gendarmes and arrest of others at Njungo, a neighbouring village to Mbeta. Reports equally say the Ambazonian army has hoisted the Ambazonian flag on the Mbeta Chief’s palace, and at the village square. According to inside reports, the Amba soldiers say the flags will keep flying high until when Ambazonia will eventually be freed.

The LRC forces are planning to invade Mbeta from the Bangem itinerary, Lebialem and Santchou itinerary. Given this strategic position of Mbeta, the colonial soldiers want to use Mbeta as a temporal military base from where attacks will be launched to target the RED DRAGONS.

We call on the people of Mbetta to be on the alert and learn from past experiences in other communities like kwakwa, Bekondo, and Muyenge to evacuate their homes and seek for safety in case of any attacks.

Reports of LRC arson in Ambaland have it that cash and vital documents have been swallowed up in flames as soldiers burn down villages.

To be forewarned is to be fore armed.

Let the International Community know that atrocities of Paul Biya across the Southern Cameroons have not stopped as their scorched earth policy to achieve their ethnic cleansing and genocide on Southern Cameroons continue.

Self Defence is a right and anyone should endeavour not to attack but defend himself where necessary.

Mbetta also shares boundaries to the west with Lebialem with FOREKE DOWN as the closest village in Lebialem county of Southern Cameroons.

By Bernadette Nkembi,

Roving Reporter – BaretaNews

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