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Atanga Nji: La Republique Anglophone Slave To Head MINAT







Staying on course: Understanding The Game.

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent in the capital city of La Republique is reporting that Colonial President Paul Biya has appointed for the first time an “ Anglophone” slave to head the Ministry of territorial administration. Even as we know that Atanga Nji who has insulted “Anglophones” and refused the existence of any problem is the perfect match to implement the colonial administration dreams of so called decentralisation.

Biya as witty as he is, he is using a slave from Ambazonia to implement his project. A position which has been one of the crying songs of those who talk of Anglophone marginalisation. To Biya, he thinks putting in place a slave from Ambazonia origin will pacify the people and kill the arguments. Biya once again brought in an old bamba woman in the person of Dr. Nalova Lyonga as Minister Of Secondary Education. All these positions for the first time being filled by “Anglophones”. Now, you will understand that it is only when “Anglophones” bark and get killed before something happens and those who benefit are the very individuals who stay away and insults us.

We will treat that strictly as foreign news. On another note, having Atanga Nji as Minister of Territorial Administration is an insult to those Anglophones who think they can still coexist with La Republique Du Cameroun. Even at that, a Secretary General will be appointed from La Republique origin as always the case who will monitor and have the full power using the senior slave Atanga Nji as a figure head. It is always the case just like the most senior slave PM Yang Philemon with no powers.

My dear fellow Ambazonians, considering the fact that we are still under colonial rule from the annexationist Government, whatever happens in La Republique affects us and the revolution directly or indirectly, we must therefore seek ways in mitigating those activities while keeping our heads up and not get entangled with these appointments and Euphoria.

As usual, these appointments help only the occupier and the immediate families of those appointed. It will not help us, similarly no elections will help us. Biya is sending a language and he wants to after 20 years start implementing his decentralisation project. We have gone passed that level talk-less of Federation.

Let’s keep our heads up. Talk more about women’s day Boycott, fund the IG 2Miilion dollars my trip to Buea project, help self defense groups and connect more with our people back home to make sure we help them stay safe while packing the occupier out of Ambazonia.

Stay focus and the revolution continues

Mark Bareta

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