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Arrogant & Proud Atanga Nji, Cannot Succeed Where Visibly Humble Yang Philemon & Mafany Musonge Failed.








Arrogant & Proud Atanga Nji, Cannot Succeed Where Visibly Humble Yang Philemon & Mafany Musonge Failed.

Colonial agent and La Republique du Cameroun slave boy, Paul Atanga Nji has recently been on a Colonial wastage missions in Ambazonia, where he has been busy, preaching Negative peace to a people who seek positive peace. He has been busy meeting and sharing money to the wrong persons in the name of Fons and Chiefs. Fons and Chiefs who have lost their authority amongst their subjects. He has been busy meeting and dancing with members of his banned party, a party that is synonymous to oppression of Ambazonians. Only an already failed Reconciliator politicizes his supposed peace and reconciliation missions.

What new thing is the Colonial agent coming to tell Ambazonians through their abandoned fons and chiefs, that the people themselves did not hear from the other slave boys, Yang Philemon and Peter Mafany Musonge during their so called meet the people peace missions? Didn’t these colonial agents say that dialogue had already taking place? What has been holding the return to normalcy? Why is he (Atanga Nji) still gallivanting up and down with paradoxical peace plants, bulletproof vest and colonial gun trotting men.? What new message for the Colonial régime does he wants to hear from the Ambazonian clergy, that they have not been given before? That God now supports the killing of Southern Cameroonians? Or Is his master Paul Biya now ready to submit to God and seek the much preached spiritual solution that the clergy had been advocating for a long time now?

When the political atmosphere was still pretty calm and conducive for a mutual dialogue, the Southern Cameroons people were seen as dogs, terrorists, miscreants, small group of vandals, and their blood was sweet in the covens of the oppressor. Atanga Nji, then was the best pro colonial debater on crooked Crtv and to him, there was no so called Anglophone Problem.

Now that Ambazonians have decided to live free or die, that it is not going to be business as usual, that LRC does not have the monopoly of the gun, Atanga Nji has suddenly become a peace crusader. After rendering thousands homeless, after making thousands refugees in Nigeria, after sending thousands to early graves, after keeping thousands in dungeons and gulags, Atanga Nji now thinks he can succeed where Yang Philemon and Peter Mafany Musonge failed, by convincing the people to accept half baked solutions and continue enjoying Negative Peace.

BaretaNews can only wish Atanga Nji success in his already failed mission. We must remind the Colonial slave that his present political position is just a crumb of this revolution undeserving of him as an antirevolutionary agent too. Our people have not fought for two years to get two ministerial portfolios from the Colonial master. Our comrades did not go to prison to get decentralization. Our people were and are not being maimed and brutalized for two years now in order to get a 10 states Federation. The fracases of our people are not lying in many unknown graves for the sake of a two state Federation.

The sufferings of the Ambazonian people are for nothing and nothing else but the total and complete restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons. We are not begging for it, we are not negotiating for it, but it is our collective destinies that we have decided to reclaim from the occupier and that we MUST DO by hook or by crook. Ambazonians shall fight to a logical conclusion of victory.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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