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The Arrest And The Questions: The Ambazonian Spirit Is Alive



Interim Government of Buea






The Abduction of the Interim President of Ambazonia and others; Questions begging for Answers.

It was with shock and unbelief that Ambazonians received news of the abduction of their President and 9 other members of the Interim Government (IG) in an Abuja Hotel, on the 5th July, 2018. Some International media organs are already pointing fingers at the Department of State Security Service (DSS), Nigeria and the Nigerian Anti-robbery Squad, locally known as SARS, for the arresting the leaders.

However, the Communication Secretary of the Interim Government of Ambazonia, Comrade Chris Anu, reported in a statement, that the President and some members of his cabinet were abducted by La Republique du Cameroon (LRC) gun men, while in a meeting in the said NERA Hotel Abuja, to discuss strategies on how to raise more relief support for the rising Ambazonia refugee crisis in Nigeria, a situation which has been rectified to know the state department of Nigeria conducted the arrest with collaboration with La Republique.

For those who know the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja, the reported abduction has raised a good number of unanswered questions in their minds. Hearing that such high profile persons have been abducted in a hotel in Abuja, immediately gives someone without knowledge of Abuja the impression that Abuja is some very small town like Yaounde where such people can easily be traced and arrested by government officials or abducted by hired assassins with much ease.

The truth is that Abuja is not a small town like Buea or Yaounde. Abuja is a very large, sophisticated, well planned and constructed city with very sophisticated hotels and security systems, especially with Nigeria’s past security experiences. Consequently, abducting such men in a hotel in Abuja and allegedly by LRC gun men raises too many questions in the minds of the people for both the Nigerian authorities and members of the Interim Government:

1. Is it possible for LRC to organize such an abduction inside Almighty Abuja?
2. If yes, how did LRC gun men bridge security to get right into a sophisticated and secured hotel in Abuja to abduct 10 men and go out with them freely?
3. Has the Nigerian government started collaborating with LRC to assassinate Ambazonian leaders?
4. Or do they want to now bridge international law and extradite them to LRC, another foreign Country different from Ambazonia?
5. Is there an international conspiracy against Ambazonia and her people?
6. It is understood that the Interim Government doesn’t repeat venues for it meetings and the venues are often known only to attendees. So how did the SSS get to know the venue of the meeting?

7. Is La Republique having an extraditing treaty with Nigeria?

While Ambazonians anxiously wait for answers to these questions as information about the abductions unfold, BaretaNews, as a revolutionary platform urge the Ambazonian people to be calm. The revolution is on full course and there is nothing that can perturbed it at this point in time. This is a very sensitive matter before the international community.

If LRC carried out the abduction, then it would have been an act of aggression by LRC on Nigerian territory and must be treated as such. But if it is Nigerian security forces that arrested the leaders, then they will need to charge them to a competent Nigerian Court after interrogation, for a determination of the matter.

The Law is on the site of AMBAZONIA and the Nigerian judiciary can certainly not reverse itself on previous rulings on the sovereignty of Ambazonia and it illegal occupation by LRC du Cameroun.
Ambazonia Shall Be Free.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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