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Another Clown Scheme:Colonial administrators Claim they will reconstruct Houses burnt by Biya’s militia in Mankon, Bamenda.



mass murder scheme in ambazonia


Another Clown Scheme, Colonial administrators Claim they will reconstruct Houses burnt by Biya’s militia in Mankon, Bamenda.
Colonial administrator Lele L’Afrique of the Northern zone and Chief massacre officer of Cameroun, Beti Assomo have issued a communiqué with claims that they will rebuild the houses of villagers in Alachu Mankon after their militia rendered their best arson skills in that locality in Bamenda.
To think that, colonial slave master of a Prime minister, Dion Ngute had just left Bamenda on Tuesday for same mission in the Southern Zone, his military didn’t follow him but stayed back to commit more war crimes on innocent Ambazonians is what must be echoed loudly for the world to hear.
After a bitter crossfire between restoration forces and LR Militia at mile 8, Alachu in Mankon- Bamenda, 2 LRC frogs fell for eternity. As usual, instead of going for their match in the Battle field, the weak militia sent from Yaounde resorted to massive burning of civilian homes.
It is recorded that close to 100 family home were touched at Alachu, Mankon even church premises. All these atrocities in about 24 hours after Dion Ngute visited Fon Angwafo of Mankon.
The question on everyone’s lips is how serious these liars are to recontruct those homes, given that more than 250 villages have been razed so far across the territory and no one house reconstructed by them.
The chief hitman, Atanga Nji Paul invented an Emergency humanitarian scheme that hasn’t benefitted anyone of the suffering people. He has used Ambazonia’s name in raising billions for himself and to energize more Chaos in the struggle. One thing we must note is that, the devil does not give you anything with a clean mind. Biya has nothing to give Ambazonians. You don’t need to burn down people’s houses and properties in orders to fake a humanitarian gift process.
We remind the international community of the hideous agenda of the Biya’s regime. The lies they tell amount to a suicide bomb. No one has benefited in real terms from the schemes by biya’s guys, they just keep lying. Same liars who fake boys to say that Restoration Forces have given up arms from self defense.
The biya regime should know that they must face war crimes and crimes against humanity anytime soon.Our diplomatic allies are working this out to make it possible.
We encourage all Ambazonian across the territory of the Southern Cameroons and beyond who have lost properties thanks to the barbarism of the Yaoundé terror regime, to remain calm and hopeful for their sacrifice in the struggle will only water the soil for the freedom of their great Grand Children.
We Must resist. They will burn all houses in the Southern Cameroons before taking that land from us”.
Sumelong Ekane

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