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Another Aggressive Attack Drops Five Colonial Soldiers Dead In Bali



Military memorandum

Another Aggressive Attack Drops Five Colonial Soldiers Dead In Bali

By Mbah Godlove

As the race to decolonize Ambazonia reaches apogee, all Ambazonia Forces are poised to expel the occupier from their territory.

This is the same spirit employed by General Grand Pa and his troops on French Cameroun’s soldiers in Bali Nyonga, Monday, September 20, 2021.

The Ambazonian warriors, sources say, launched a crucial attack against the occupier at a popular control post in Bali Nyonga.

The outing was yet another which left tears on many a French Camerounian parent as Five colonial officers were neutralized.

The Restoration Forces brought back amongst other equipment, guns, helmets, and gun proofs.

The Bali defeat comes barely five days after Field Martial No Pity neutralized 15 other elements of the colonial military in a battle that has been widely considered as French Cameroun’s Waterloo.

The recent victory from various battlegrounds across Ambazonia, according to war analysts, has now exposed the frailty of the ‘sophisticated’ French Cameroun’s military.

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