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Anonymous: #IStandWithAmbe




Why I stand with Ambe

I stand with Ambe because Art doesn’t need to explain itself. My understanding of art is, as far as it doesn’t physically and maliciously hurt someone or a group it should be expressed. Art is a method of expressing oneself; the reasons vary from tragedy to joy, hatred to love, good vs bad etc. I might paint, write, or construct something base on tragedy but someone looking at my paintings or reading my work might find a totally different connection to it.

The first major aspect I have to address is the Cultural/Morale reason some “genuinely” offended people tend to table. Guys, this is lame reasoning, absolute lazy and a gross disrespect to our “so-called” African culture.

Firstly, History 101 tells you; nudity was an integral part of our culture till the Europeans forcefully introduce their dress code in our societies (less 100years ago). My great grandparents walk about mostly naked throughout their entire lives in the western part of Cameroon. Please read or study your history before you spill around your ignorant thesis.

Secondly, culture hasn’t a fixed definition and isn’t always good. 50 years ago FGM was a cultural thing but now it is shunned by everyone. Breast Ironing is still done in parts of the centre region of Cameroon. Girls are still hindered from going to schools in parts of the country… are these culturally African/Cameroon? Yes, absolutely, are they good practices? No, we should fight to stop them.

So culture isn’t always a moral barometer but mostly, culture is just a set of rules and traditions defining a group of people.

Now, the second aspects of this internet “buzz”. I see the virulent blowback from Ambe’s art work as part of 2 basic reasons; jealousy and total hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy; we rap and praise American rappers who tend to glorify violence, racism and total sexist attitudes. But when a local artist expresses himself without hurting anybody, you have people come out to express their hypocrisy and feeble moral reasoning.

Jealousy; Ambe has one of the most innovative art work out there; collaborating with the best Cameroon has to offer. We have “so-called artists” whom without free platforms like soundcloud no one and I mean no one will know of them. And again the only reasons their artwork don’t go beyond free platforms is because no one likes what they do, it’s awful and hurts the human brain.

When I stand in front of the Koln Dome, I stand in awe, seeing what man can achieve coming together both technologically and socially. My mum told me she felt the presence of God when she saw this architectural wonder; 2 individuals 2 distinct feelings. That is art at its finest. Listen/watch Ambe’s art and interpret it the way your intellectual psyche wishes but don’t be a hypocrite or sour loser. Be true to your reasoning. #IStandWithAmbe


God is still saying something.


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