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Amplified Ghost Towns In Northern, Southern Counties, La République Finally Backing Out








It’s now a normalcy for total shut down of all socioeconomic activities in the Southern and Northern Counties of Southern Cameroons. From business premises, to transport agencies and social gatherings, everyone seems to be of the alert of the respect of what is popularly known as ‘country Sunday’ or ghost towns in the two counties.

Sneak peek of ghost town in Mamfe

Just like the past three weeks, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are largely ghost towns days in Southern Cameroons. The civil disobedience is a tool to attract international attention on the grievous and heinous activities perpetrated by la république du Cameroun on the people of Southern Cameroons. This show of solidarity and goodwill comes amid intense pressure and campaigns put forward by our freedom fighters abroad, combing one international bureau to the other, to restore the statehood of Southern Cameroons.

From Buea, through Limbe, Kumba, Mamfe, Bamenda, Nkambe, Kumbo, and what have you, the steam remains the same; the people of Southern Cameroons are resolute for a change. Even the detractors and Cameroun’s agents who pose around to bribe and woo the people to the gangsta regime, keep on failing repeatedly as the wind of change blowing across the minds of the people resist all temptations.

La République Agents Backing Out

Because of the strong resolve and determination of the people of Southern Cameroons to resist all activities of la république and the institution of ghost towns, the gangster government had devised cosmetic measures to repress the people in succumbing to pressure. The measures include but not limited to 3 months of internet shut down, arbitrary arrests, deflation, and the closure of business premises that respect ghost towns. Unfortunately, the people of Southern Cameroons had made up their minds long before now, to pursue this struggle until the end. Ghost towns campaigns amplified even more, until the point where la république resulted to dialogue. Regrettably, the few beggars whom the gangster regime bribed to woo the people to their side, failed, hence, causing the gangster regime to whack its tail in shame.

For some time now, the ghost towns and other civil disobedient activities have intensified, and unperturbed. The gangster regime that seems to have ran out of ideas and strategies are now backing out and leaving the people to their fate. A sneak-peek view across the different towns and cities this September 11, 2017, show demilitarisation of the major isles of different towns and cities of Southern Cameroons.

This should be an additional victory scored by the people of Southern Cameroons. We give all the Glory to God and the people who against all odds remain resolute to see through in the restoration of Southern Cameroons.

By Lucas Muma,
Managing Editor, BaretaNews

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  1. Pompidou Mensah

    September 12, 2017 at 4:06 AM

    Keep the pressure on all fronts. My contributions are going through every month. Ready to go to New York to apply pressure at the UN. Brothers and sisters of Southern Cameroons thank you so much for your bravery. You will be heavily compensated. NO more “enemis dans la maison”NO MORE FRENCH and francafrique slaves. BRAVO!!!!! WE SUPPORT YOU and will ALWAYS as we have done in the past, paying school fees, opening businesses, buildings and supporting families.

  2. Atem Bakia

    September 12, 2017 at 4:43 AM

    I will come to New York with spear.

  3. LE WIXI

    September 12, 2017 at 8:48 AM

    They are not backing out, thats false. SC is heavily militarised as we speak. we can instead say that east cameroonians in SC are moving out of SC because something bad is being prepared to tanish the image of the struggle once and for all

  4. Malis

    September 13, 2017 at 4:34 AM

    There is nothing Yaounde can do that will not back fire. They have no way our. I pray that they do what they are planning, it will be a blessing for us.

    When other African countries come in, we will finally be able to use satellite imaging technology to locate all the mass graves.

    I’m praying for them to start the evil plan, they will surely murder many of us but never all of us and that is the bottom line.

    Fools will always be fools.

  5. AmbaVictory

    February 9, 2018 at 1:19 AM

    “Against all odds, Israel survived.” is a movie worth watching.
    Against all odds, Ambazonia shall be free in Jesus’ mighty name.

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