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Ambazonians, You Have Already Stopped The Elections-Dr Ayaba Cho



My fellow Ambazonians

You have already stopped the elections. When the enemy campaigns in armour cars, you can guess who they are scared of; you can only imagine who is in charge. Don’t expect to stop them everywhere. Election periods are periods of great excitement for every nation, a period of much political activities. It is not the same in Ambaland because you have banned the elections. Expect Paul Tassong to gather a few desperadoes, protected by armour cars to make a fool of themselves in Lebialem. We know the game and they know you are incharge. Forgive the enemy to drop from Helicopters like special forces to organise a cry die in Bui. They know you are in charge.

My fellow people

I know you always expect 100% success. You want every day to be exciting. This is the spirit of winners. You must be aware that the enemy is equally determined but when you compare what they have and what we have, you will take pride in our gains. In the past months, we have eliminated their pockets of threats across our territory and we are reinforcing different blocks across strategic states. The battle doesn’t stop with the elections. Our strategy to suffocate them and we will continue and as we squeeze air out of their lungs with each battle, we shorten the day of their presence in our homeland. Be brave in setbacks, champions are not determined by their hurdles but how they overcome them.

It may be midnight in Ambazonia but the sun will rise again. Rise to shine the light on our pathway to our homeland. Count yourself amongst the David that stood up against the goliaths to deliver a homeland to millions.

God bless you all

Dr Cho Ayaba

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