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AMBAZONIANS, Fear Not. Providence has Designed Everyone a Leader of the Revolution.




AMBAZONIANS, Fear Not. Providence has Designed Everyone a Leader of the Revolution.

Today is May, 20th 2018, a historical day of mourning for Ambazonians in the revolution. A day hitherto celebrated with pageantry across Ambazonia. Unknowingly to the majority, they celebrated all through their lives out of ignorance on the significance of this day to their historical evolution as a people. Others celebrated and are still celebrating out the coercion to keep their jobs.

But for two years, majority of Ambazonians have come to the enlightenment of the realities of what surrounds this so-called national unity with La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), the slave master. From simple demands to ameliorate conditions of enslavement, to the demand for a return to the caricature post 1961 Federal structure, and finally to the present demands for freedom from slavery and complete restoration of the independence of the former British Southern Cameroons Ambazonia, each and every Ambazonian yearning for freedom has been in the lead in one way or the other. In other words, no individual has had to unilaterally change the course of the revolution at each state without the dictates of the majority of Ambazonians.

That is how providence has made it. The revolutionary events have all been unfolding accordingly as written in the realm of the supernatural. The roles of all Ambazonians in this quest, whether revolutionary or antirevolutionary, have only helped to fast-track or delay the revolutionary outcome which remains the absolute WILL of the Supernatural one.

Pa Tassang Wilfred and Dr. Fontem Neba, as the powerful and Commanding voices of apolitical organizations like CATTU and SYNES-UB respectively, alongside their executives, had all the prerogatives to end the teacher’s strike at that level of the demand for basic reforms in the “Anglophone” subsystem of Education. In fact, the promise of mouth watering sums and ministerial positions to these erudite revolutionaries and their executives by the regime was enough for the mare teachers to give in to the colonial regime and advance their careers. But because every true Ambazonian in the revolution was always poking to see that self-interest didn’t prevail, and most importantly, because it wasn’t yet the end point of the struggle as designed by providence, we are where we are today – seeking for total and unconditional restoration of independence.

The Barristers Agbor Balla, Bobga Harmony, Elias Eyambe and others, had all the prerogatives as leaders of their various organizations not to have continued with the lawyers’ strike at some stage. There were boundless opportunities for them to have eaten very spiced soya and end the demand for basic legal reforms within the Common Law jurisdiction in the Cameroons. But because all genuine change seekers were always poking at them and above all, because it wasn’t yet the destined destination of the revolution, we are where we are today, seeking for total and unconditional restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia.

By his own volition, Comrade Mancho Bibixy took his coffin to the liberty square in Bamenda and started questioning bad governance and demanding for reforms. But by the will of the people who responded to that singular action of his and coupled with the fact that it couldn’t have just ended there as designed by providence, he keyed into the demands of the people to both the teachers and lawyers, and today, we are where we are in the revolution.

Comrade Mark Bareta and General Tapang Ivo Tanku, as interim leaders of the Consortium, had the opportunity to navigate the revolution to their own course especially with the advances made to them by the rogue regime. But because their revolutionary spirits have been subjected to that of the people, and mindful of the fact that the revolution still had to metamorphosed to its destine point, they stayed on track and handed over for the next level. And that’s why we are where we are today.

The betrayal and arrest of His Excellency Julius Ayuk-Tabe and his team at Nera Hotel and the unknown that surrounded their kidnap, dampened revolutionary spirits and morals especially at the home front. With all the antirevolutionary propaganda and measures take by the colonial regime to dampened the spirits of the people at that time, they didn’t still succeed in cowing the people into submission, thereby bringing the revolution to an end. And today, we are where we are.

His Excellency Julius Ayuk-Tabe and all his team are still being kept incommunicado because they have certainly refused to compromise with the will of the people in this revolution. If not, we would have been hearing of a deal with the colonialists in prison, which would have immediately led to their vomiting by the people. The abilities to maintain their stand even under such detention for five months now is not totally by their own will but because their collective will have been submerged into the majority will of the Ambazonian people. And that is why we are where we are today.

The Ambazonian diaspora has of recent, been discouragingly divisive in their rhetoric, with accusations and counter accusations from the different revolutionary leaders, sometimes making onlookers to wonder whether we are actually fighting the colonial regime of LRC or ourselves. The colonial regime has repeatedly cash into these divisions to stifle the wheels of the revolution. But the determination and the un-shaky attitude of the people, especially the ground forces have proven that the people are in charged and it is not yet the destined point of the revolution as designed by providence.

Based on the above, it will be short sightedness for anyone to think that an individual Ambazonian, be it the Acting President of the Interim Government or a leader of any of the frontline movements, can independently and unilaterally decide the destination of this revolution at this juncture against the will of the Ambazonian people and the supreme will of the Supernatural.

At least, the current accusations and rumours running all over the place that the Acting President Dr. Samul Sako is negotiating a Federation with LRC is not tenable, according to the findings of BaretaNews. At least, the Secretary of State for Communications and ICTs Comrade Chris Anu has debunked the rumours and accusations.

BaretaNews, as; an independent and the Peoples’ Platform has it eyes and ears everywhere within the revolution. We shall not necessitate to blow the alarm on any deal by whosoever, that is contrary to the General Will of the Ambazonian people at this point in time. For now, Ambazonians should face the revolution and fear not. The destination of this revolution shall be determined by the people and the supreme authority. After all, the Voice of the People is the Voice of GOD.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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