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Ambazonians Observe Christmas Amidst Worsening Humanitarian Crisis



Ambazonians Observe Christmas Amidst Worsening Humanitarian Crisis

By Mbah Godlove

The birthday of Jesus Christ might have come and gone but Ambazonians have so much to think about the feast with regards to the worsening humanitarian crisis brought about by the unending war of Independence.

In different church services organized across the territory, the suffering population prayed that the coming of Christ on Christmas should be a moment of justice and perpetual peace.

Different men of God equally prayed for justice on the question of Ambazonia’s Independence.

The feast also served as a moment of sharing among locals especially those whose living conditions have been badly affected by the war.

Those who were fortunate to have a Means for a meal to celebrate happily shared with the needy population.

It is the fifth Christmas that Ambazonians have observed amidst the ongoing War of Independence.

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