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Ambazonians Grieve As Vibrant Lawmaker Senator Kemende Is Laid To Rest



Ambazonians Grieve As Vibrant Lawmaker Senator Kemende Is Laid To Rest

By Mbah Godlove

Some Ambazonians have been mourning as they gather to pay last tribute to Senator Kemende Henry who was slew weeks ago.

The Barrister cum Senator has been described as a man who loved his people and defended the truth until his death.

The outspoken legal mind was assassinated by gunmen believed to be French Cameroun’s soldiers around Mile II, Nkwen on January 11, 2022. However, post mortem report suggests he was knifed and brutally assassinated.

His fellow colleagues said his death is a huge lost in the legal family, stressing that Barrister Kemende Henry Gamsey did not only defend the rule of law, but equally fought for justice and equality for humankind.

Thousands of mourners have turned-out in Bamenda this Friday to pay last respect to the man whom they say spoke truth to power in French Cameroun’s Upper House of Assembly.

He was laid in state at Up Station, where he would later be escorted to his maternal Homeland in Bali Kumbat.

The Lawmaker will be remembered for the love and compassion he showed especially to Persons with Disabilities and orphans.

Senator Kemende Henry quite understood that this category of people badly needed humanitarian assistance owing to the deadly protracted armed conflict in Ambazonia.

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