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Ambazonians Call For The Dismantling Of Matazim Colonial Control Post



Ambazonians Call For The Dismantling Of Matazim Colonial Control Post

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonians have expressed disdain for being stranded at Matazim each time they travel into the Northern Zone by night.
The phenomenon which has been practiced for several months now has left Ambazonians worried.

This is because sitting on a bus for several hours is often very tiring; aside from wasting precious time in cold weather.

Sometimes, people reach Matazim at 3:00 am but would only make their way into the Northern Zone at 7:00 am.

According to colonial forces, they often keep the population in Matazim as a means to avert imminent attacks from Ambazonian forces.

Unable to endure sitting on a spot for over four hours, Ambazonians say it was about time colonial forces desist from the cruel treatment given them.

“You cannot keep people sitting for four hours in the name of security. We want this rubbish to be put to an end,” a victim bitterly said.

Another victim told BaretaNews that if the phenomenon continues, French Cameroun’s soldiers would regret the intervention of dreaded Ambazonian Fighters.

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