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Ambazonians Bleed As French Cameroun’s Military Exploitation Crescendos




Ambazonians Bleed As French Cameroun’s Military Exploitation Crescendos

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial military of French Cameroun has continued to show its high handedness as the exploitation of Ambazonians is on the rise.

They try to make gains from every opportunity they come by, despite the disastrous outcome of their actions on ordinary Ambazonians.

The latest act of these rising exploitation is the detention of 3 Southern Cameroonians at the Douala New Bell Prison.

According to reliable sources, the trio were arrested for being unable to pay a sum CFA 800,000 Francs as ransom to spare themselves of incarceration.

Two of the three men were apprehended about 6 weeks ago, on grounds of supporting the Ambazonian independent struggle.

Unable to pay the CFA 800,000 Francs, the men have been detained.

The recent act of injustice comes to add to several atrocities committed by the military of the French Cameroun colonial regime in Ambazonia on a daily basis.

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