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Ambazonian Youth Between Life and Death After Robbery Attack in French Cameroun Capital



Ambazonian Youth Between Life and Death After Robbery Attack in French Cameroun Capital

By Mbah Godlove

A 19-year-old Ambazonian has been battling for survival after suffering an attack from unknown men in Yaoundé, the capital of French Cameroun.

Foncham Dobgima Ndi Forgu just rounded off his bachelor’s degree program at the University of Buea and would move to French Cameroun’s capital city for a colonial public exam.

Unfortunately for the teenager, he was attacked and severely injured in the head on September 20, 2022.

Despite being rejected by several hospitals in Yaoundé, the young man would finally be attended to by a military hospital in the city.

1.5 million has so far been used to intervene on Foncham’s ailment, but that seems very insufficient.

Medics have advised that the young man should fly out to India for proper surgery as more complications have been

Loved ones and relatives of Foncham say they’ve been asked to raise between 25-30 million Francs for his treatment but say they cannot afford such an amount of money.

The public is therefore called upon to chip in the little they can to rescue the young man.

Screenshots of the pleas have been making rounds on social media containing a phone number to either call or contribute for the fundraising exercise to ameliorate his deteriorating situation.

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