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Ambazonian Refugees Reject LRC’s Emergency Humanitarian Assistance, Caution UN On Rights Violations



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Ambazonians forced out of their homes by the brutality of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), and now seeking refuge in Nigeria, have rejected a planned humanitarian assistance visit to their refugee camps by the LRC government.

In a two-paged strongly worded letter addressed to the Nigeria Resident Representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the Ambazonians say refugees and asylum seekers in Nigeria, would never trust the Yaoundé regime.

According to the letter dated June 29 2018, and signed by eleven representatives of the refugees, the Ambazonians blame the Biya government for putting them into such deterrent position, yet, they have done nothing to avert the situation. They stated clear in the letter that they would not accept anything from LRC.

“We wish to use your respectable office to inform the government of Cameroun headed by Mr. Biya, that the problem of the refugee and asylum seekers in Nigeria is not food/ humanitarian aid. Though we may be hungry, we the refugees and asylum seekers will not accept any visit, aid or foodstuffs considered by us to be poisonous, from the Yaoundé regime,” the letter read in part.

Lamenting on the fact that Paul Biya of LRC initiated a war against Ambazonians and has since been killing innocent citizens, the international community has maintained a suspicious silence. They used the opportunity to call on the international community to mount huge pressure on Biya and his cohorts, so that the continuous raining of Ambazonia with blood, shall end.

“The war declared by President Biya of Cameroun on 30th November 2017 on the Southern Cameroons and its people is still on very high gear. As we write, more than sixty villages have been razed by soldiers and the burning of other property is still ongoing. There are currently rampant and indiscriminate arrests/ kidnap/ abduction of our compatriots, extortion, rape, targeted killings, outrage massacre of innocent civilians and it is on the increase. We are writing to you at a time when thousands have been killed by Cameroun soldiers, more than 200, 000 have been internally displaced and more than 20, 000 Southern Cameroonians are being forced every day to flee and seek refuge in Nigeria and elsewhere,” they added.


They went ahead to say that, “If the government of Mr. Biya insists to pay any such visit to the refugee camps, we would have a strong feeling the UNHCR is in a conspiracy with Nigeria and Cameroun to violate our rights not to accept to be visited. We cannot predict what would be the immediate reaction of the thousands of refugees who just want to return to their country.”

The refugees urge the international community to come to their aid. They request more pressure be mounted on LRC, for a number of reasons.
“The Yaoundé government must first declare an end to the war it started on the people of the Southern Cameroons; Unconditional Release of all Southern Cameroonians and pro-independence activists, from prison/ detention cells in Yaoundé and other cities/ towns; Withdrawal of all government forces/ demilitarizes the Southern Cameroons; Proceed to accept negotiations to end the war declared on us and our people in the presence of the UN, AU and other parties on neutral grounds, and Grant amnesty to those on exile,” They expatiated.

The Ambazonian refugees also urged the UN to protect them from forceful repatriation by the Nigerian government, on grounds of complying to LRC’s demand.


Read entire letter below:


By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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