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Ambazonian Forces On Ground Zero Must Remain Vigilant, Bad seeds have Invaded their Ranks.



Interim Government of Buea

Ambazonian Forces On Ground Zero Must Remain Vigilant, Bad seeds have Invaded their Ranks.

To say the war for Ambazonian independence has been completely rosy, will be total dishonesty which is not part of any Ambazonian fabric. As days go on, every faction on the struggle have been plagued with one crisis or obstacles, thereby tarnishing the image of the genuine struggle. We can perfectly move on if we arrest these situations. One of such disturbing obstacles have got to do with Forces on ground Zero.

It is true that as the Yaoundé invader widens his spheres on the territory, many especially young people of communities in the Southern Cameroons have created self defense groups to stay safe. However, it has come to the notice of BaretaNews that not all the guys on GZ are genuine. Some few criminals have been going about giving a bad name to the Forces on GZ. Reports indicate that the situation in urban towns like Bamenda, Kumba, Buea, Muyuka etc is becoming notorious. 

These non patriotic and ill sponsored forces  who are controlled by who only God knows are fighting tooth and nail to blackmail the forces that have dedicated their lives for the freedom of the Suffering people of Southern Cameroons. Some whom we understand are sponsored by elements of the La Republique régime and others who are in a quest to enrich themselves have embarked on a mass abduction and Ransom taking campaign.

We must make this point clear and like never before. Since the Pioneer President of Ambazonian, H.E Sisiku Julius Tabe started his leadership and right up to the Interim President, Dr Samuel Sako Ikome, sanity and administrative orderliness is what they have often stressed on. There is no room  for anyone to use the innocent blood of an Ambazonian for personal gains. It’s totally forbidden and unacceptable in the New Republic.

Those who go about perpetuating these evils whether on whose tickets, have their days numbered.  We must maintain a society of respect, Love and hold to heart all virtuous aspects relating to human rights like never before. Kidnaps, Looting, Ransom taking, Thievery, maiming, and other vices aren’t characteristics of the Ambazonian movement. We use this chance to inform the international community that, any of such isn’t of Ambazonian. The forces sponsored by the IG and other movements for Independence are well disciplined. 

Therefore any contrary forces must be captured and dealt with according to Ambazonian laws. We are sick of hearing about Fake Amba news. They are sponsored by the oppressor.

We acknowledge the job 7kata Forces of Bafut did some weeks ago by arresting “Fake Ambas”  and doing a press release to that effect. We encourage other Well established forces to follow suit and bring back some sanity.The people of Ambazonian have suffered alot already and every fighter must have as prime objective , Defending his or her people, not otherwise.

We in a special way pay Patriotic hommage to those who have dedicated themselves to the right course of the struggle and those who have fallen on their journey to the Promise Land, Buea

Sumelong EkaneBaretaNews

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