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Ambazonia War Of Independence: US Under Secretary Of State Rubbishes Colonial Reconstruction Plan



Ambazonia War Of Independence: US Under Secretary Of State Rubbishes Colonial Reconstruction Plan

By Mbah Godlove

The US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy says there is just no way French Cameroun’s reconstruction project will yield fruits if Ambazonians are not allowed to decide their destiny.

Addressing the Foreign Affairs Department of the US Congress Thursday, July 30, the diplomat intimated that Biya’s decision to reconstruct Ambazonia will be fruitless; insinuating that Ambazonian citizens want justice before reconstruction.

“I understand the government knows that the people are very important at this time, and not reconstruction,” he said.

The US special envoy to Africa made the staggering revelation barely weeks after the colonial regime of French Cameroun dispatched a team to kick start an earlier disbanded reconstruction works in Ambazonia.

Locals, in response to the move, expressed disdain over the Paul Tasong-led delegation by observing a lockdown of their territory.

Before Tibor Nagy’s chastisement of the plan, some conflict experts described it as a failure, stressing that the Biya regime was putting the cart before the horse.

It remains unclear if the regime of occupation will yield to the call of the USA given that its military has continually wrecked calamity in Southern Cameroons, with the hope to lay the groundwork for their so-called reconstruction plan.

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