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Ambazonia War Inflicts Pains On Persons With Disabilities



Ambazonia War Inflicts Pains On Persons With Disabilities

By Mbah Godlove.

As the Ambazonia War of independence intensifies day after day, so too have persons with disabilities been subjected to severe torment and anguish.

This group of Persons which according to conflict experts constitute the most vulnerable, are said to have been the most affected since the Ambazonia War of freedom started four years ago.

Months back, Human Rights Watch reported that Ambazonians with disabilities were in dire need of humanitarian aid.

Be they persons with visual, mobility, mental, hearing and speech impairments, the war has had an adverse effects on anyone of these categories because of their disabilities.

The President of the Hope Social Union for the Visually Impaired (HSUVI), a Bamenda based association of persons with Visual impairment, Ngong Pitter Tonine, in a Facebook post weeks ago revealed the conflict has been a double tragedy for members of his union.

According to him, person with disabilities, most of whom were bread winners in their families are now hopeless as they have completely lost their sources of livelihood.

Meantime, hundreds of them have been killed others injured and thousands displaced as a result of the hostilities.

It is hoped that individual, local as well as international organizations would help to redress their Situation as the liberation struggle deepens.

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