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Ambazonia Self Defense Council Condemns Florences’ Murder



Interim Government of Buea

ASC condems murder of wardress, calls for investigation.

By Mbah Godlove

The Ambazonia Self-Defence Council says there is need for the killers of a woman who was a wardress at the Bamenda Central Prison to be investigated and brought to book. In a communique signed recently by the communication department of ASC, the organization objurgated the brutal murder of the woman who was identified as Florence Ayafor by the center for human rights and democracy in Africa.The wardress was attacked by Heavily armed gun men who killed her and extracted some parts of her body. ASC has described the act as babaric and unrelated to the Ambazonian philosophy.

“The torture and murder of Mrs. Florence Ayafor are inhumane, unacceptable and does not reflect the values of the future and free Ambazonia we fight to build. Our fight for freedom and independence has no room for acts of barbarism and murder of any person, no matter their revolutionary opinion, side, or crime. The violent actions of unknown people calling themselves “amba boys” deserves unequivocal condemnation and the perpetrators should be arrested and sanctioned within the customary law and community system rules currently in place,” the release read in part.

Meantime the Ambazonia Self-Defence Council accused French Cameroun soldiers of targeted killings such as the brutal murder of 30 school boys in Menka and the beheading of five boys in Boyo County who were suspected to be Ambazonian fighters.

However, It remains unclear who the killers of Florence Ayafor are, but speculations are high that the colonial army of la Republique du Cameroun master minded the act in order to set up pro independence fighters.

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