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Ambazonia Leadership Holds High Diplomatic Talks While Homeland Defends Its Territories





The Ambazonia-Cameroun conflict has its origin in a botched decolonization process in the United Nations system. The resolution of this conflict lies in the respect of relevant United Nations Charter provisions and resolutions, especially Art.1 of the UN Charter and UN Gen. Assembly Resolution 1514 of 14 December 1960.

It is time to move from talking to acting! The United Nations Secretary General has historically expressed his seriousness in the peaceful resolution of conflicts by the appointment of Special Envoys to conflicts in the Great Lakes, the Horn of Africa, Burundi, Mozambique, etc.

Human Rights organizations are not associations of journalist. Simply reporting events cannot be why they exist. They have a responsibility to provide the world a policy framework based on international human rights law, including relevant provisions in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights for resolving the Ambazonia-Cameroun conflict.

In the past days, senior staffs of the Ambazonia Governing Council have held multiple high level diplomatic meetings with various parties of interest and organizations around the world. We have agreed that while we talk, meaningful action must be taken towards a credible international negotiated settlement embedded in a multilateral framework, under the auspices of the United Nations. Negotiations without preconditions must also imply openness to respect of the will and right of the people of Ambazonia to total freedom, sovereignty and their territorial integrity. The people of Ambazonia shall never trade this right for anything!! To do so will be to keep the Gulf of Guinea perpetually destabilized as future generations shall always rise to fight for the right to life, liberty, prosperity and happiness.

We have reiterated our commitment to continue providing safe access for genuine humanitarian services to our people when facilitation papers are requested. We are also committed to increasing the production and free distribution of face masks to Ambazonians in the homeland.

Furthermore, we have underlined that unilateral action that provides the Cameroun military unhindered access to slaughter our people while the world watches without action is unwitting, cowardice and unacceptable. Every reasonable human beings understands this commonsense position!

In the above regard, I call on all Ambazonians to keep their eyes on the ball, especially on the defense of the homeland while leadership continues with the heavy lifting in the international community.

This freedom shall be won by all of us, as one people, for our happiness, peace and prosperity.

Let me use this opportunity on behalf of our people to congratulate Norway on its election to the UN Security Council.

Dr Cho Ayaba

President AGOVC

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