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Ambazonia Lawyers Press For Release Of Barrister Tamfu Richard



Ambazonia Lawyers Press For Release Of Barrister Tamfu Richard

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian legal minds have called on the colonial regime of French Cameroun to release Barrister Tamfu Richard who was unlawfully rounded off days ago.

The human rights lawyer, sources say, was whisked off in French Cameroun’s city of Douala, shortly after a hearing to defend his clients.

A BaretaNews source revealed that the legal luminary was transferred to the Douala New Bell Prison from the judicial police earlier this Friday November 20.

Barrister Tamfu is popular for his relentless efforts in following up litigations pitting Ambazonians.

Members of the Bar council have called on the immidiate and unconditional release of Barrister Tami Richard who is one of the daring legal personnel in the phase of the Ambazonian war of independent.

Reasons for the arrest of the legal mind have not been made clear by the regime, but Ambazonians say it is in connection with the defence of Southern Cameroonian activists.

The Barrister was arrested Wednesday November 18, 2020 before being transfered to the New Bell Prison Center.

According to his defending lawyer, Bar. Akabum Watson, Tamfu Richard is yet to be charged and tried in court.

The defender of human rights would appear before the court for trial on Monday November 23.

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