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OF Ambazonia Governing Council And Boots On The Ground








INVESTIGATION: The Self-Defense Declaration by the Ambazonia Defense Council (ADC). How serious is it?

The Southern Cameroons Crisis that started in October 2016 as a mere Lawyers and Teachers strike against the assimilative tendencies of LRC, has gradually over a period of 9 months metamorphosed into a strong Nationalist Movement that will surely define the political stability or fragility of the Cameroons in the coming months. The movement is being galvanized by determined Southern Cameroonians both in the mainland and the diaspora, with the sole aim of restoring the stolen independence of Southern Cameroons by La Republic du Cameroon after the botched Foumban Conference of 17-21 July 1961.

The leadership of the revolution has also transformed from one stage to the other, and at each stage, the protagonists have maintained that the struggle is ordained by GOD and the weapon to bring down Yaoundé is non-violent resistance. Although Southern Cameroonians have all along maintained this non-violent position through peaceful street protests, Ghost towns and schools boycotts; the response from the colonial regime has however been characterized by illegal mass arrests and imprisonment, brutal beating, maiming and killings of unarmed Southern Cameroonians.
While all necessary stakeholders- national and international, have called on the Biya regime to engage the People of Southern Cameroons in a genuine and frank dialogue, the regime seemed to have no genuine intentions of such, as her only master weapons in the last 9 months have been money, intimidation, propaganda, and forceful/brutal crackdown. This has prompted many Southern Cameroonians to question the leadership of the struggle whether Southern Cameroonians do not have the right under international conventions to defend themselves from such barbaric treatments. There is therefore no doubt as to the fact that a good number Southern Cameroonians have been radicalized, with different groups coming up to claim responsibility for arson attacks aimed at venting their anger against the regime and sending a message to supposed traitors of the revolution; while others call for guerrilla tactics on occupier forces of LRC as self-defense measures.

Ayaba Cho, CIC AGC

One of such self-defense groups is the Ambazonia Defense Council (ADC), the defense wing of the Ambazonia Governing Council led by its rhetoric leader, Ayaba Cho Lucas. The group in the last months had sent out a lot of military propaganda and raised funds for self-defense actions; but no action in the mainland has been associated to them so far. However, the Defense Council, through its chairman Benedict, N. Kuah, signed a Declaration of Self-Defense (war) on the 9th September, 2017, in which it officially launched a ground offensive against the brutal and repressive occupier forces of LRC. As the declaration continue to raise questions about its truthfulness or practicability among many Southern Cameroonians- both pro and anti-restorationists, BaretaNews investigators decided to carry out a ground investigation on Sunday to ascertain the seriousness of the ADC.
Our investigator posed as a potential “Amba warrior” willing to defend homeland and opened up private discussions with some Southern Cameroonians on social media platforms, who have been very vocal on the need for a self-defense force on the ground. Our investigation showed some evidence of the presence of such a force within the territory of the Cameroons, even though the information could not be fully authenticated. One of the “commanders” even had an audio conversation with our investigator to confirm his identity as a true “Amba warrior” which is just the first stage of the recruitment process before further instructions are given on how to successfully locate any regiment of the force within the Cameroons and be integrated. The investigation however ended at the first stage considering that our reporter promised to join the force but later on after putting somethings together.

AGC Team

Meanwhile, the activities of the occupier forces in the territory of Southern Cameroons continue to indicate that the days and weeks ahead may not be palatable for Southern Cameroonians. There are military campaigns currently going on in major cities, notable Bamenda and Buea, in preparation for an eventual war against the citizens of Southern Cameroons. There was increased deployment of combat-ready troops on Saturday, 9th September to Southern Cameroons. Family members of LRC’s military personnel resident in Southern Cameroons are increasingly moving into LRC, thereby raising the fears among Southern Cameroonians of an uncertainty. If we consider the genocide alert to the UN and the international community issued by Hon. Joseph Wirba and the Vice Chair of the Governing Council, Deacon Tassang Wilfred last weekend, then there is every reason to conclude that something is boiling which the people are not yet aware of.

Unfortunately, Principals and the managements of some denominational and government schools have been calling on parents to bring their children to school, a few of which have abided and have taken their children to the boarded houses. We at BaretaNews want to use this opportunity to remind our parents back home that they are wasting their time and monies. There is enough physical evidence to show that the days and weeks ahead shall be very tense. Parents should take their responsibilities and keep their children home so as to avoid them being caught in confusion in case of an escalation of the mainland.

By Agbor James

Political News Analyst

BaretaNews Buea Correspondent

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