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Ambazonia Forces Take Action to Ensure Festive Safety in Bui County



Ambazonia Forces Take Action to Ensure Festive Safety in Bui County

By Mbah Godlove

In a proactive move to protect the population from potential attacks by colonial regime forces during the festive period, Ambazonia forces in Bui county, led by General Wonyo, have intensified efforts. Over the past week, General Wonyo and his troops executed two strategic attacks against enemy forces known for raiding localities in Bui in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year.

Utilizing Ambazonian-made war weapons, the commander and his men not only defended themselves but also prioritized the safety of civilians in Bui county. While the exact number of casualties from the ambushes remains unknown, it is confirmed that at least three colonial soldiers were killed in the incidents. Sources in Kumbo report ongoing ambushes aimed at safeguarding ordinary citizens and their property.

Despite recent discussions about a ceasefire, the frequent presence of French Cameroun occupational forces in Ambazonia casts doubt on the possibility of a halt in hostilities. As the situation stands, residents are urged to remain vigilant to avoid encountering trouble in the name of celebrating Christmas.

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