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Ambazonia Forces In Bamenda Poist To Rescue Population From Thieves, Criminals



Judicial Officers abdicate Ambazonia

Ambazonia Forces In Bamenda Poist To Rescue Population From Thieves, Criminals

By Mbah Godlove

It is becoming very common to find individuals forcefully extorting money from civilians in the disguise of Ambazonia Fighters.

One of the places where this practice has gradually become the new normal is Bamenda.

Several people in the city have been victims as armed men go around forcing them to support them by giving huge sums of money in name of support for the struggle.

Earlier this week, Restoration Fighters in Bamenda set out to investigate and arrest all individuals who have been unlawfully extorting money and other valuables from residents of Bamenda.

In the course of the manhunt, a group of individuals who have been using the name of Restoration Fighters to wreck havoc on the population were apprehended.

Speaking on record, one of the bandits rounded up around Ngomoram, revealed that he had in his keeping an AKA47 gun which he used to extort over a million XAF in less than one week.

Restoration Fighters resorted to not only punish those in their keeping, but to equally cleanse Bamenda off anyone using their name to inflict untold suffering on the local population.

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