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Ambazonia Forces Arrest Ndop Deputy Colonial Mayor



Ndop Deputy Colonial Mayor Arrested

By Mbah Godlove.

The Second Colonial deputy Mayor of Ndop council has been apprehended by Ambazonia Restoration Fighters in the area.

Sources say the French Cameroun enabler along side some council labourers were rounded up about 9 PM Friday May 15.

The colonial agent has begun answering questions as to why he disrespected orders from Ambazonian leaders not to take part in local elections organised by La Republique du Cameroun in February 2020.

The incarcerated Mayor and other betrayers still being hunted by Ambazonian Fighters were told to either stand by the oppressed people of southern Cameroon or be considered as sellouts.

Just as promised by the liberation soldiers that all enablers would be dealt with accordingly, the second assistant colonial Mayor is now expected to pay the price of betraying the population of Ndop.

Ndop which is the capital of the Ngoketunja County of Ambazonia’s Northern Zone, has been under the control of Pro independence Fighters for over three years.

This is coming just a week after Mamfe Colonial Mayor Prinsly Ojong died from gun exchange battle in Manyu State

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