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Ambassadorial Appointments: The Political And Diplomatic Implications








President of the Interim Government of Ambazonia Appoints Ambassadors to Five UN Member Countries; What are the Political and Diplomatic Implications of this Act?

The quest for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia entered a new face on the 13th December, 2017, with the appointment of Ambassadors ( Honorary Consulars) to five United Nations member Countries, by the President of the Interim Government (IG) of the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia , Ayuk Julius-Tabe. Recall that the president in setting up the IG had appointed regional ambassadors who were not directed to any particular country. For instance, Ambassadors were appointed to mainland Europe, the Scandinavia, North America, the SADEC region etc. However, the ambassadorial appointments read on Ambazonia State broadcaster, the SCBC, by Under Secretary for Communications and Information Technology, Comrade Milton Taka, were different in that; they were designated to particular independent countries which include; the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Mexico, the Caribbean and Guinea.

It is imperative to state that the appointees were mostly citizens of the countries concern (for strategic reasons, we think so), whom the President of Ambazonia, President Ayuk-Tabe, described as having been outstanding in the quest for the restoration of the independence of Ambazonia. Consequently their responsibilities as Ambazonian Ambassadors will be to; verify that all business, cultural and other cooperation issues between the two countries are handled passionately without corruption; and to ensure the upkeep of relations between the two countries, through periodic meetings and other issues.

The President expressed the desire of Ambazonia to see the appointed ambassadors accepted by the Presidents of the receiving countries with the believe that their appointments will serve as the first step in establishing long lasting relationships between the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and the governments of the said countries.

What Implications?

In reading out the appointments, Comrade Milton Taka stated that it is big news. However, they will not want to divulge the information the way the people would have wanted because of certain strategic reasons. Nevertheless, BaretaNews as the People’s Platform from our analysis of this act from the IG thinks that these countries where ambassadors have been appointed have recognized and endorsed the declaration of the restoration of the independence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, on the 1st October, 2017. Though the IG is being reticent in making available the details of the appointments, it is the utmost believe of the political desk of BaretaNews that the IG could not have brought such a big news to public knowledge without haven been sure of all things.

Appointing ambassadors to independent countries means that such countries are ready to officially open diplomatic relations with the appointing country by receiving the letters of credence of the appointed ambassadors and hosting them as Ambazonian embassies. It short, BaretaNews, concludes that it is a de facto recognition of the statehood of Ambazonia from these Countries.

it is our understanding that though we are still to reclaim physically our land which we will do in the nearest future, having diplomatic ties with these countries will mean these countries will be ready to host our embassy, support us in whatever ways necessary to finally settle in Buea. Having first diplomatic relationships with these countries especially from the Middle East and communist countries is paramount as it will open other diplomatic doors, shake some world powers and could caused the stale dialogue with La Republique to peacefully determined the terms of separation.

This is first in the history of the struggle for restoration and it is chairing news for all Ambalanders, both in the mainland and in the diaspora. These are indications and motivations to the people to beleive that truly the restoration train is gradually but surely arriving its destination – Buea. Though the rails may still be bumpy in some areas, there is no doubt to the fact that it will soon be uhuru. It is not more a matter of whether there shall be uhuru, but it is a matter of when?
Today may be the last day of La Republique du Cameroun’s colonialism; we don’t know.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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