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Why All “Anglophones” Must Join the ‘Last Fight’ Now!!



Why All “Anglophones” Must Join the ‘Last Fight’ Now!!

Now is the time to accept the reality realistically. It is surprising some “Anglophone Cameroonians” to see what is happening presently to the learned men of the law. The majority of those expressing the shock were either to young or yet unborn when the numerous worse cases were registered in yesteryears. The Global Information Network (GLOBINET), a Human Rights Group based in Donga Mantung and affiliated to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights(ACHPR) at Banjul, has cataloged the numerous atrocities meted by the forces of La Republique du Cameroun on armless citizens in the former West Cameroon. We here share just a few of the many who hitherto the brutality on the Common Law Lawyers in Bamenda and Buea, never believed us when we told them we are dealing with beasts and brutes trained to kill and destroy.

During the Ahidjo’s regime, the police, and the para-military forces were installed I all major towns West of the Mungo. They were sent as an army of occupation and they behaved as much. They intimidated the people everywhere. The masses were brutalized and treated like captives of a colonial war. The inhabitants West of the Mungo can recall very well the incident of police brutality that took place in the following areas: Victoria, Buea, Mamfe, Bali, Ndu, Kom, Bamenda etc.

The most recent incidents include the November 1984 incident at Bamenda; the December 1984 incident at the GCE Crisis involving Anglophone teachers in Yaoundé; the arrest and maltreatment of a Limbe-based journalist in 1984 and 1985; the brutal clampdown on youths at Liberty Squares Bamenda on May 26, 1990; the massacre in Ndu on June 6 1992;…etc etc. In each of these cases, the police and gendarmes behaved like Zionist occupation troops in Lebanon or the apartheid forces in Azania and Namibia.

In colonial Anglophone Cameroon, the police were more civil than Ahidjo’s brutes. The colonial police did not brutalize nor intimidate peaceful citizens. They were a source of fear anyway, to anyone who wanted the colonial masters out of the country. The peasants who did not pay their ‘hut’ tax feared them. Nevertheless, the policeman was friendly and approachable. If he beat anyone, he could be taken to the colonial court.

The police were taught the fascist principles of terror and corruption. Every policeman was told to act when orders were given without any thought about the implications of their action. They were told to be robots. To develop fascist psychology, the police were to take courses aimed at removing from the trainees “mentalite civile”. The civilian mentality in the trainees was replaced with barbarism aimed at the peaceful population. With the creation of such a barbaric police force, Ahidjo was able to perpetuate terror and corruption. The police and the paramilitary represented that terror and corruption. Right now, with Biya at the helm, the police is still a symbol of fascism and curiously, two axes in a bundle of sticks. This clearly shows that the fascist origin of the police in Cameroon is not hidden. The police force in Cameroon has a fascist origin and is made to meet up with fascist principles.

Whenever one hears that the police has shot at anyone West of the Mungo, the events leading up to the shooting normally do not call for the use of the gun. These shootings in “Anglophone Cameroon” can be likened to police shootings in Azania and Namibia. The police are trained to open fire even on children. They arrest and detain without trial for periods that are known to reach over six years. The Identity card in Cameroon is like the “pass card “ in South Africa.

We must know once and for all that the peoples’ police force has never existed in Cameroon, not even to talk of Anglophone Cameroon as from that diabolic year of 1968! They are with us to announce the reign of terror….to promote the political deceit originating from the capitalist circles through the Presidency of La Republique.

As West Cameroonians/Ambazonians we are, by our judicial-democratic inheritance, lovers of justice, creativity, peace, and democracy. We hate the gendarmes and the police force when it does not cooperate to see to it that such social goals are achieved . There is no reason why we cannot let the regime and its brutes of police know once and for all that they cannot distort the path to independence, justice democracy and peace of British Southern Cameroons.

Since 1968, we have given in to political slander and to falsehood. We have surrendered our constitutional rights to people without conscience. These people have seized our constitutional rights through the constant unfair changes of the constitution and the frequent increases of police power to arrest, detain and torture. Some pretend to represent us in parliament in Yaounde. How can people who act like traitors, people who encourage the police to detain and torture our children, our brothers, our husbands and the innocent, represent us?
At the last Silver Jubilee celebration of the Social Democratic Front, its National Chairman had this to say:

“…During the past 25 years, it is obvious to all that the Biya regime has learned nothing and forgotten nothing…This regime does not even pay attention to sensitive issues like its multi-cultural rich heritage which has been fragilized by tribalism, its bilingual history which is questioned by marginalization and its bi-jural system that has been neglected much to the dissatisfaction of a section of the country. These crises could all have been avoided if the meaningful dialogue had been established by the regime along with all the stakeholders…” Ni John Fru Ndi.

Recall that when the African Union, sitting at Sirth, Libya, ruled that the Biya regime should enter into meaningful dialogue with the people of Southern Cameroons, Biya and his surrogates like Issa Tchiroma made a mockery of it, and as of today, they have remained taciturn. The so-called leaders have become “programmed gods” of their kind, who act as representatives of another society. As compradors, they do not care about what happens to the people they purport to lead.

No one should mix Camerounaise politics in this issue in whatever circumstance, especially those who are frequent in Yaoundé to endorse our slavery. We call on all who still doubt the ongoing events as signs of the end times of the diabolic pact of 1968 to watch out for more revelations in the days ahead. Join the train now or be counted out!!!

Executive Director
Martin-Luther F Yembe
Global Information Network(GLOBINET)

This activist happens to be wearing several caps which worries some of us. We are making the point here that the time is ripe for the liberation of the “Anglophones” who have been under a diabolic bondage for the past fifty years…. 1968 to 2018 when that diabolic pact will expire and the scales will fall from the eyes of many still blinded by La Republique spell.

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