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Alert: Violence Looms in Kumbo





The Kumbo Water Crisis is far from over. For months now, there has been a standoff between the Fon of Nso and authorities over the Kumbo Water Crisis. BaretaNews learned that truck of military men are moving heavily into Kumbo as Camwater plans to take over the management of the Kumbo Water Scheme from the hands of the Kumbo Local authorities. It should be recalled that Kumbo is the only city who manages locally their water without any government control.
As BaretaNews writes, the Fon of Nso has called all sons and daughters of Kumbo to rally at the Palace on Friday 19th August 2016 to discuss the Water crisis as well as to discuss preparations towards the 30th anniversary of Prof. Fon of Blessed memory. Meanwhile, the SDO has called off the meeting and banned any public gathering in town.

The people of Nso hates intimidation, they will likely listen to their Fon and ignore the SDO orders. This could lead to confrontation between La Republique military and the good people of Nso. BaretaNews is afraid of a blood bath. The SDO must withdraw his order and allow the Nso people to heed the call of their Fon.

This crisis is coming at a time when the good people of Nso are expected to Unite and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the demise of the Great Hero Prof. Bernard Nsokika Fonlon who provided this precious Gift of water. The anniversary we are told will take place on the 26th of August with Holy Mass at the Kumbo cathedral where he was laid to rest at 3pm.


Fon of Kumbo Letter to SDO

Fon of Kumbo Letter to SDO

In a letter addressed to the Senior Divisional Officer by the Fon of Nso SEHM Mbinglo on August 16th, the Fon accused the SDO of a plot to sell Kumbo Water Scheme to CDE and CAMWATER. The Fon in the letter gave the following ultimatum to the SDO:

– Remove ALL the soldiers you placed at our Water Tank and all our water installations so that the Nso People can treat their water and drink as had been the case since 1991

– Ask your CDE and CAMWATER Engineers to leave ALL our water installations with immediate effect.

The Fon warned the SDO that should he failed to do the above, he will be held responsible for anything that will happen to him in the Nso land.

The Fon went on to remind the SDO that Kumbo is the second largest town in the North West Region with growth potentials. Let the Government come and install another water system in Kumbo as the case in other towns in Cameroon.

God is still saying something.

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