AGovC Clarifies BaretaNews Analysis On The Dublin Declaration Particularly Point Number 2

AGovC Clarifies BaretaNews Analysis On The Dublin Declaration Particularly Point Number 2

The Ambazonia Governing Council – AGovC has read with consternation a write up written by Mark Bareta of BaretaNews, in which he claims are policy positions adopted by the AGovC and part of the Dublin Declaration. At the time of issuing this statement, the Dublin Declaration which Mark claims to have read is yet to be officially published and Mark did not reach out to any official of the AGovC to confirm his claims.

The AGovC will like to state in categorical terms that there are no direct talks between the AGovC and Professor Kamto. It should be noted that Professor Kamto out rightly and publicly rejected the right of the Ambazonian people to be independent and believes that Ambazonia remains an occupied territory of Cameroun.

The Dublin Declaration clearly states that “we will reject all those who have continuously by commission or omission facilitated the presence of Cameroun within our territory.” Kamto falls right here! He is an enabler and should be treated as such. Furthermore, the Dublin Declaration reiterates that “Henceforth, it is the position of the Governing Council of Ambazonia that a friendly government within Cameroun that will recognize the independence of our country and acts with civility and human sensibility towards our people will be for the best interest of Ambazonia.”

AGovC Clarifies BaretaNews Analysis

Point 2 of Mark’s write up states that as a policy, the AGovC is now ready to receive support from the Kamto camp including financial. The AGovC rejects this assertion categorically and reaffirms its position and policy to reject working or collaborating with enablers including receiving funding from such.

The AGovC calls on the Ambazonian people to remain vigilant and await an official publication of the Dublin Declaration.

Obadiah Mua 
Secretary General, Ambazonia Governing Council- AGov

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