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African Union’s False Hope to Yaoundé on the Respect of CameroUns Territorial Integrity



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The African Union’s False Hope to Yaoundé on the Respect of CameroUns Territorial Integrity

The Chairman of the African Union Commission, Chadian born Moussa Faki Mahatmat on Friday ended a two-day official visit to La Rpublique du Cameroun (LRC), where he met in audience with gerontocrat Paul Biya, the bloody dictator and aggressor of the Ambazonian people. This was the second visit of the Pan African Diplomat to Yaoundé, after the first visit in May 2017.

The visit was evidently aimed at discussing the ongoing war of Independence between the Federal Republique of Ambazonia and the occupier and aggressor state of LRC. The visit came shortly after the end of the 31st session of the AU in Mauritania in which the Pan African body conspicously ignored the two-year old raging conflict that has led to the death of more than 3000 innocent Ambazonians from the genocidal activities of the killer regime and its soldiers. The war has also led to the displacement of more than 300,000 civilians as internal and external refugees.

The AU Chair’s visit to the blood sucker Paul Biya after the AU session also confirms the fact that the Ambazonian war of independence was intentionally left out of the Mauritania agenda because of this planned visit to the colonialist.

So, what was Mr. Faki’s message to the colonial dictator Paul Biya?

In a public address at the Etoudi Palace in Yaounde, Mr. Moussa Faki said the AU remains concern about the ongoing war and reminded the colonialist of the need for an inclusive dialogue to resolve the outstanding issues. According to him, there is no conflict has ever been resolved through war. He expressed his solidarity with the Affected population of Ambazonia and promised to take action when he returns. He pledged the commitment of the AU in ensuring that the territorial integrity of CameroUn is respected.But what does the AU Commission Chair mean by ensuring that the territorial integrity of Cameroon is respected? BaretaNews hopes the AU understands the facts and is speaking within the context of the facts on ground. Of course, Ambazonia and Ambazonians are not in anyway threatening the territorial integrity of CameroUn and the AU Commission Chair is very much aware of this fact.

In 2017, Mr. Moussa Faki in a signed reaction to the crisis then, stated inter alia that;

“The Chairperson of the Commission reaffirms the commitment of the African Union to promote peace and stability in Cameroon, in line with its relevant instruments that consecrates the principle of the intangibility of African Borders as they existed at Independence and other relevant AU instruments.” From the above 2017 statement from the AU Commission Chair, the question that immediately comes to mind is: Where are the borders of CameroUn as of independence? Was Ambazonia part of the territorial sphere of CameroUn on the 1st of January 1960 when they obtained independence from the French Republic?

Even after the illegal merger of the two nations in 1961, are there any available evidence at the AU headquarters to show that the territorial space of LRC includes Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia? The facts remain clear and Ambazonians at this critical juncture CANNEVER be cowed into further enslaving themselves after 56 years of slavery. These are the FACTS.

1. Paul Biya’s Restoration Law 84/01 restored these 2 nations (Ambazonia & LRC) back as mutually sovereign and independent of each other as before their illegal merger in 1961.
2. The colonial high court of Bamenda in suit number HCB 28/92 in 1992 ruled that LRC’s presence in Ambazonia is an act of aggression and ordered the withdrawal or expulsion of LRC functionaries.
3. The International Court of Justice had ruled that LRC and Nigeria were trespassers in BAKASSI and ordered them to withdraw to their boundaries obtained as at independence.
4. UN surveyor went and built boundary pillars separating Ambazonia from LRC and Nigeria showing that Ambazonia is recognized by UN and international law as a sovereign buffer nation between LRC and Nigeria. Certainly, if Ambazonia was part of LRC, then the work of the UN boundary Commission should have ended with the boundary separating Nigeria the Cameroons

From these facts, it is crystal clear that LRC is guilty of aggression and genocide in Ambazonia, which is a crime against humanity. It is an issue that goes beyond normal human rights violation. Mr. Moussa Faki and the AU understand these facts and should be acting within the contexts of these facts to save the lives of the innocent Ambazonian citizens currently being destroyed by the bloody colonial regime of LRC.

James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst

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