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Cameroon Born Paul Nchu Ngang, resident in Belgium will be organizing the first Business form in Flanders-Belgium. It is the first of its kind. The 1st VIVES Africa Business Forum, He is currently a lecturer in Marketing and International Business Development courses at the VIVES University College Belgium. The aim of the forum is to “Promote education, entrepreneurship and business relations between Flanders-Belgium and Africa”. The forum is scheduled to take place on the 5th and 6th October 2016 at the VIVES University College Campus Kortrijk Belgium.

BaretaNews speaking to Paul, he said this is a unique opportunity and a perfect platform for Africans and Cameroonians most especially to create contacts, network, and build lasting partnership with Belgium businesses. He is, therefore, encouraging Cameroonians in particular and Africans in general in all categories of business to attend the forum. The forum is open to profit or nonprofit businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs etc.


More importantly, Paul discloses to BaretaNews that as from next academic year students from Cameroon will benefit from the ERASMUS MUNDUS program called “The Flemish Entrepreneur”. It is an English program. This means that students from Cameroon will have to study in Belgium for a period of one year. They shall have a joint degree and students will have “One-semester free tuition at the VIVES University College Belgium. This has been initiated by our own Cameroonian born lecturer Paul Nchu Ngang resident in Belgium. BaretaNews is in partnership with Paul and we shall disseminate the information for our people.

Therefore, those who are interested in this first edition of the business forum can get everything The Belgian embassy in Cameroon has already been informed to facilitate visa process.

Seize this opportunity.

God is still saying something.

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