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Southern Cameroons: Activists Suffer Court Adjournment



Interim Government of Buea

Some Cameroonians were arrested on July 17, 2016, when they were having a peaceful meeting. Some of them are known to be activists of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC. They were scheduled to appear before the Buea Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, July 26. However, the hearing suffered a postponement to Wednesday, 27th July 2016.


BaretaNews Speaking on the phone from Belgium with the lead counsel for the arrested Anglophone Cameroonians, Barrister Blaise Berinyuy revealed that the presiding judge Justice Beatrice Nambangi Ntuba said today was not her day to received criminal charges. The Barrister also said an assistant state counsel died in Limbe thus these two reasons caused the postponement. BaretaNews wonders why bringing the activists to the court in the first place.


The arrested activists, including a blind man identified as a certain Mokube Alus Ngoe, are currently detained at the Judicial Police Station and at the 2nd District Police Station in Molyko.
Reports suggest that these activists had come into Buea that fateful Sunday from Nkambe,Kumba, Njinikom, Mamfe, Kumbo, Bangem and Bamenda.Some of those arrested happened to be in a restaurant eating and during an argument about the state of the union, they were picked up. BaretaNews speaking with Barrister Blaise Sevidzem Berinyuy on the phone today was made to understand that his clients are held under very inhumane conditions, with security officials barely allowing them to get food. The Human Rights Advocate said his clients are however still highly spirited. They even questioned the police who held them on why the government is refusing to call for dialogue as enshrined in the Banjul ruling.


Barrister Blaise reveals no charges had been brought against them but said from police reports it shows they were arrested for holding an illegal public meeting. The Barrister went further to say it is evident that by the time they are brought in front of the judge, the charge of secession might be included.
The activists in detention are said to include: Shey Alfred Sembe, Fokum Andrew, Moto James, Njousi Abang David, Chief Ekane Ivoson Maths, Bissong Mathias Arrey, Tabot James Arrey, Tebot Titanji Christian, Mokube Alus Ngoe (said to be blind), Nke Valentine, Tonjoh Peter Fehbi, Asoh Cletus, Mbua Richard, and Check Nyah.

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