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Acting President Sako Cries Out To Ambazonians: Put Ambazonians First



Independence day speech of the Acting President Ambazonia






In an emotional post on Facebook this afternoon, the Acting President Of the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia, Dr. Sako Samuel has cried out to Ambazonians to put Ambazonia first in all they do for the sake of the struggle. The call as rare as it is seems the President is frustrated with individuals and groups who do not want to come under one fold as well as those within his government structures who are trying to rebel. It is BaretaNews view that such a call from the President is a sound message to Ambazonians to stand behind the IG and wades off any internal or external crack that may destabilise the people’s government. You may read the President exact words below.


“Some see THIS IG as controlling, really? Their theories are right only outside our context. Our struggle must NOT be taken hostage by any individual, group or groups of persons that see others as undeserving or bound-to-fail. The one man Messiah in strategic thinking is wrong. We need each other! Every leader “inspires and empowers” it is Who they inspire and empower that varies. Let’s inspire and empower GZ.

The real Controllers we deplore are those who don’t embrace “new comers” or “Johnny Just Come” in their world. They delight in control, hate every questioning of their craft, detest change, prefer the status-quo even if it is not working. Their philosophy is “my way or the highway”. They live in denial even when they loose.

They oppose success when it is happening without them. They consider those who want to succeed where they fail as targets for elimination by all means. God is our watchman in Ambazonia! This is the era of AMBAZONIA FIRST! So help me God!”

Dr. Samuel Sako












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