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Academic Doctors Declared Wanted- Vice Chancellor, UBa




The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bamenda has declared two lecturers in the University of Bamenda wanted.
In a radio announcement signed by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Therese Akenji and dated 23rd September 2016, the Vice-Chancellor wrote:

” The following officials of the Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics who have been absent from their duty posts are requested to avail themselves at the Institute on or before 30th September 2016 otherwise disciplinary sanctions will be taken against them. They are;
– Dr. Ndioro à Mamoun Samuel, Head of Service for Teaching and Programmes
– Dr. Muluh Henry Zuyingong, Head of Service for Internship and Professional Orientation..”

Radio Announcement

Radio Announcement

BaretaNews wants to thank the Vice-Chancellor for this leadership. These are civil servants who leave their duty posts without any permission and think they can go scot free. These are people who go for months without teaching or going to work but yet receives a salary from the Government. These are the people who contribute to making the very Cameroons very corrupt. The students are the ones to suffer while they receive salaries for no work done.
BaretaNews applauds the Vice-Chancellor and calls for serious administrative and disciplinary sanctions be meted on them should they fail to report for duty.

God is still saying something.

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