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About Achieving Ambazonia independence: “The Meeting”



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

About Achieving Ambazonia independence: “The Meeting”

By Tsi Conrad

You know you have a leader when, despite faced with a life sentence articulates the plight of his people and puts Ambazonia first before the oppressor who has the power to shut him out forever. You know you have leaders when, before the oppressor, stand firm and unwavering for the total restoration of the independence of Ambazonia. You know you have a leader when, before the oppressor, gives up himself for the release of all other comrades at the expense of his own release. You know you have leaders when together, they stand firm as Iroko trees weathering the storms of oppression.

Yesterday, Ambazonia stood tall because of your love, support and most importantly our collective zeal to give our people independence through the shortest possible means while minimizing the blood shed of our vulnerable people who pay the biggest price on ground zero and in the dungeons of the oppressor.

Today, Our respect goes to every and all Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians who know and understand the intrigues of this critical moment, who without doubt have expressed their concerns about the meeting between some LRC officials and your humble but firm comrades of this God ordained marshal journey to freedom and who with an open mind have listened and taken the business of yesterday as the beginning of the end of the bloodshed of our people that has paved the way for a free homeland.

Today, like yesterday, and I quote comrade President Sisiku AyukTabe, “Gentlemen, we are here as a team, to articulate the truth in such a way that even if we were all to get out of this room and let one person speak, that person will articulate our position without hesitation and with the firmness it deserves”. We are here for our people and no one amongst us has the power to betray the trust of the 8 million Southern Cameroonians facing untold hardship back home, it is independence or resistance forever. No matter the outcome of this discussion, we remain steadfast to the expectations of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children suffering in the bushes, refugee camps, prisons and on exile not leaving out the thousands that have been killed for a free homeland. We are here to tell them what we want and nothing short of our total restoration of independence”. It is clear and unfettered, President Sisiku and co only represented your position once more like every other team of true Ambazonians will and have been doing when ever the opportunity emerges. We must all be clear with that.

Worthy of note is the fact that, the events of yesterday saw Sisiku and co prepare the way for proper negotiations in the future and for all Southern Cameroonians, experts in their own rights to be able to participate and bring the much needed knowledge for a process as complex as restoring our Independence. The diaspora, ground zero and all those in jails must be part of independence negotiations when ever the time comes and that was clearly articulated by Sisiku and his team.

If for any reason, some Southern Cameroonians want to tarnish the prospect of a possible end to this genocide on our people while maintaining our commitment to the total restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons through the table with international mediation as a paramount prerequisite, they should be reminded of the fact that 10 years from now, with a hundred thousand deaths and many more millions displaced, we will still come back to the table.

As we hold out our hands together in prayer for God’s timely intervention to end the pain and misery of our people on ground zero, ground one and the dungeons of LRC, I send tonnes of appeals to all leaders and activists of the revolution – DR. Ayaba Cho Lucas, John Mbah Akuro, Mark Bareta, Eric Tataw, Capo Daniel, PK Kongsen, Asu Lucas, Tapang Ivo and to our esteemed women and mothers – SCAWOL, SCEW, Sako Ikome, Chris Anu… just to name a few while emphasizing on “ALL” to for once pull our resources together and drag in our agenda for self determination right into the house of the one person that has been running away from it – Mr. Paul Biya. We must KNOW and ascertain the truth about yesterday – THE GROUND WAS SIMPLY BEING PAVED for Ambazonia to have all its intellectual and human resources ready for furture dialogue and negotiations.

We have inevitably been pushed to the wall by the infighting and the lack of a common front to think that one person or one faction will negotiate Ambazonia which is a big FALLACY. Ambazonia is for 8 million people and the mandate to represent them in any dialogue will be blessed and endorsed by them when the time comes. For purposes of clarity, we must move past the stage of dreams amd usher our intelligence into reality. How and when does the diaspora intend to push LRC military back into their barracks, get all APOW released, get clearance for all diaspora to come back into Southern Cameroons without fear of arrests and most importantly push LRC to the dialogie table under international third party mediation? These are but basic prerequisites for the much awaited END thereof and we must be happy that the oppressor has opened doors for the process to start.

To our Restoration forces on ground zero. No body stands in the way of your collective sacrifice to defend our mothers, girls, children and elderly from the heavy hand of the oppressor, you have proven that we as a people will fight until the last man standing and we give you our full blessings. That said, the ultimate end of our daily blood sacrifice is to push our oppressor to the table. We acknowledge the existence of all efforts to get to that table, but the results of those efforts are only reflected in the physical realization of processes that we can feel and touch as a people. So, in posing these conditions for LRC to engage and commit to, know that the expectations of ALL RESTORATION FORCES were placed at the forefront of the discussion and considered paramount to the entire process to come to fruition. With all due respect, your sacrifice is the only thing that has brought us to this stage in which the oppressor is willing to talk. Thank you.

We shall as a people STAND THROUGH the thick and thin of the moment and the greater good of the results shall be YOURS to judge. For now, stand behind these call and push for these conditions to be met so that we can all walk to the TABLE like one MAN “TEAM” and broker our way into a free homeland. Ambazonia’s independence is not negotiable. All for one, One for All.

Tsi Conrad
Kondengui Central Prisons

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