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Abductions Continues In Southern Cameroons At Geometric Rates



mass murder scheme in ambazonia




Seven Journalists Detained In Bamenda.

The abductions of Southern Cameroonians continues. Here is one Journalist in Bamenda, Miss Nadesh Omaghen. She is a Reporter at the Cameroon Report (TCR ) based in Bamenda. This news paper which sells only for 100CFA has been reporting on the current crisis in Anglophone Cameroon. Cameroon Report is a digital media established by her Boss. Her boss was arbitrarily arrested last month and locked up in Bamenda for reporting on the Anglophone Issues.

Nadesh since her boss was locked up has been cooking food to visit her boss in jail on several occasions. Nadesh and six other workers including a sales agent were invited by the military officers to bring written statements. Unfortunately, she and six others after submitting the written statement as they were summoned never returned home since August 18th , 2017. They have all joint their boss in jail. This is what has become of our people. No freedom of speech. No one is free

BaretaNews vehemently condemned the treatment of these journalists in jail and never should a woman suffers what she is going through. We are making her picture public so that our people should know her, should anything happen to Nadesh, La Republique will pay dearly.


Meanwhile we have been informed of the abduction of activist, Mr Che Chi Joseph and his brother in law identified simply as Solomon. Solomon was simply visiting. They have been taken to military at up station Bamenda.
This is the reason why schools must remain shut down. Yaounde forces arrests two parents few days to school resumption, that who will take care for the children. We have repeatedly said even students who have seen how their parents have been brutalised, humiliated would take their responsibilities in their hands should school resume. And if there has been no counselling or healing process. Our people must desert the streets, stay safe at home, work their farms and preserve food. The days ahead could be tough. The minority Southern Cameroonians /Ambazonians can never be extinct. We must resist until the last man standing!

James Agbor

BaretaNews Correspondent, Buea, Southern Cameroons


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