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The 8+3 Ambazonia Reminders And Actions








Call For Attention: Searching our minds and thoughts

As we continue to fight for the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence, it is important that this platform continues to send reminders to our people to take note of some salient truths as we forge ahead. We must time again and again ask and remind ourselves of certain truths no matter how popular it is or not.

1. Remember that this struggle is a revolution and not a political organisation. Once we start investing our thoughts to consider the struggle as some sort of political organisations where everyone is hail hosanna, we lose touch of the revolutionary side of it. We must therefore fold our sleeves to box when necessary.

2. Remember that we do not yet have a country or even own an inched of land where we can call our own. In fact, there is no where within Ambazonia where we have hosted our flag and declare it a captured territory. What we have now is an occupied land where colonial officers are occupying. Yes, we have an international recognise boundary, we have a people but all these are still under captivity. Everything now is virtual. This is the very reason we are fighting to transform this virtual community into reality, so as you fight take note of these.

3. Remember that all colonial officers and la Republique still have active control over our land. In fact, they have the resources, diplomacy power to make certain things happen. Though our people pay allegiance to the struggle and receive instructions, there are huge limitations as of now especially how we direct or govern them. We must be real.

4. Remember that no single country on earth has recognise the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. While many could be open to this, the road is still long. It will take commitment and other issues to bring one on board. This is however very possible and it could happen as soon as now if we as a people do what we must do and trigger certain things.

5. Remember that La Republique still enjoys diplomatic and other issues with their allies amongst the world community of nations.

6. Remember that the United Nations is a toothless dog that cannot help us until we must have killed our selves enough. The UN helps those who helped themselves.

7. Remember that many of our people have died, wounded and are still dying and the international community is quite silent. Look at the situation in Manyu, they are silent.

8. Remember that we are primarily the investors of our own revolution so that we can determine the outcome. If others invest in our revolution more than we do, the outcome will be determined by them for the next 50+ years.

Based on these reminders, as far as I am concerned and where I am directing this platform and all its members. These are things which must and should preoccupy Ambazonians.

1. Active self defense and nothing else. We must continue with active self defense to the point where the international community will hear us and talk. This will mean we must make our homeland ungovernable to unbearable levels. We must do it in such a way that security officers should be afraid to walk, stay and live within Ambazonia. There must be a culture of fear impacted in Ambazonia to affect all areas. We must keep doing this until that UN hears us. Therefore, this will involve a collaborative platform of all self defense groups. Politicians and interest groups should stay away and let this thing happen. Politicians should allow these groups come together and spare us the issues of positions etc. We will not spare anyone who tries to mortgage our future. Better still we will allow La Republique and kill you first then go back to La Republique to fight. Therefore, funding self defense is now a duty. In fact, it should be a tax levy on all of us. But for this to happen and be efficient, there has to be a collaborative self defense unit.

2. Another area that must preoccupy us is the humanitarian and refugee situations. More refugees will still cross over. So Southern Cameroonians across the world must invest in this aspect, get NGOs, groups to help refugees in Nigeria on monthly basis. We must help the relevant Nigerian and UN instruments in reaching to our people.

3. The Interim Government attention must now be centred entirely on getting countries from all corners of the world including the Middle East to recognise Ambazonia. No matter how small a country is, the focus of the IG must be geared towards this. This brings me to question the whereabouts of Folig Hoag. The body which did some work in terms of diplomacy. Why are they quiet? Are they still working with the Interim Government? Does it mean as IG cut links with SCAPAC, Folig Hoag went comatose also? Be it as it may, the IG must be aware that nothing happens without lobbying. We need structures to lobby for us and lobbying must only geared towards getting just one country to recognise us. I am giving the IG the benefits of doubts that they may have another means of a lobbying firm in helping them diplomatically since some diplomatic issues can’t be made public. I hope there is one and we can only wish them good luck.

Therefore, these should be our three heavy concerns with self defence doing 80 percent of the work and must receive 80 percent of any funding. Once self defence is up there, it will facilitate Diplomacy and we shall come closer to Buea.

These are my evening thoughts and I guess many are those thinking like me.

This is Mark Bareta and the struggle continues

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