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6 La Republique Gendarmes Suffer Serious Accident as Bangem Villages Perform Cleansing






BaretaNews can now confirm that La Republique military forces suffered heavy physical casualities with broken bones and serious injuries as 6 gendarmes and 2 young ladies were involved in a fatal accident in Bangem today Thursday November 23rd, 2017. Our Sources in Bangem, Kupe Muanenguba County confirmed that about six (6) LRC Gendarmes and two other young ladies got involved in a serious accident at around 11am Amba time. This accident occured at a certain hill known as Mbat hill located between Mbat Village and Ekambeng Village. Just beneath this hill is a streem known as “Mbweh”.

BaretaNews gathered information that these LRC Gendarmes were returning from the Muanenguba lakes when all of a sudden their truck stumbled into the “Mbweh” stream. The Gendarmes are reported to have sustained heavy injuries. One of them sustained injuries of a broken leg and have been taken out of Bangem for proper treatment. The Colonial DO and other LRC official visited the site. What left Villagers shocking and talking on every lips is the question on how these Gendarmes survived the accident considering the area their truck stumbled.

BaretaNews can not independently confirm what their mission was but it should be noted that the Bakossi villages, notably, Ekambeng Village, Mbat village, Muabi, Nninong area and even the Bangem center performed some serious cleansing a few weeks ago due to the ongoing crisis and that no enemy can penetrate their territory or village and go back free, BaretaNews was told.

BaretaNews is closing following developing stories in Bangem.

Mark Bareta

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