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5th January Protest: Acting President To Petition US Government For Third Time






President Donald Trump To Receive Petition For The Release of Detained Leaders of Ambazonia As Worldwide Protest Commence in Washington DC.

Southern Cameroons Worldwide Protest For The Release of Sisiku AyukTabe & Members of His Government kick off in Washington DC, USA !

Acting President of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia, Dr.Samuel Sako,Eric Tatwa, Victorian Bolenga, Chairman Kometa Elvis , Sisiku Ebeni Christmas, DMV Coordinator Mrs. Benedicta, Mr. Emmanuel Oben and 1st Lady of Southern Cameroons, Lilian AyukTabe and Many others Ambazonia are Present in Washington DC as the Protest gathers momentum. Similar Protests have kick off in Several Countries worldwide.

According to the Interim Government (IG ) of Southern Cameroons, the Third Petition For The Release of Southern Cameroons Independence movement Leaders will be tabled to the US Government.

The 1st Petition we sent to the US government was through the State Department. We sent the Second to the US Senate Foreign Affairs committee prior to the hearing and Third will go to the White House, a source within the IG hinted me. The Petition also demands the holding of a Referendum for Southern Cameroons to Decide their fate in a failed Union with La Republique du Cameroun and a Withdrawal of La Republique Troops Stationed in the territory of Southern Cameroons as the Southern Cameroons war of Independence rages On.

As the Protest Commence Agents of US Secret service, US police and FBI have taken strategic positions around the venue to provide security to Southern Cameroonians at the Protest to demand for the Release of Ambazonia Leaders abducted in Nera, Abuja Nigeria on the 5th of January 2018.

Ashu Kingsley (Prophet & Statesman)

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