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4 Years After Incarceration Of Sisiku AyukTabe Julius And Co: A Call For Paradigm Shift



4 Years After Incarceration Of Sisiku AyukTabe Julius And Co: A Call For Paradigm Shift

By Mbah Godlove

Four years counting since pioneer leader of the Ambazonia Interim Government and his cabinet members were illegally deported from Nigeria to La République du Cameroun were they have been detained under cruel conditions, very little attention is being paid to them.

While the 10 leaders languish behind bars, so-called frontline activists are busy fighting for power.

A course like that of the people of Ambazonia should have long folded up successfully, had the diaspora forgotten about their ego and worked on the path set by President Sisiku before their abduction.

Rather than garnering support for the course and fighting for liberation of the 10, the front liners think that it is all about “us” and not “them”.

It is sad to say, but remains an indubitable fact that, those who eat and dinned with the 10 before their kidnap in 2018, are the first to have despised of them.

Not to forget is the fact that today may be the 10, and tomorrow you, because as activists, the same consequences may equally befall you.

Rather than continuing to play the ostrich as has been the case for the past four years, BaretaNews thinks it is high time the strategy changed.

No matter what name or group you identify with, one thing binds us all together; we are Ambazonians!

As the popular Ubuntu philosophy ascribes, “I am because you are, and since you are,
therefore we are”.

Similarly, the new modus operandi must evolve around the fighters on the ground, all prisoners of conscience, internationally displaced persons and refugees.

While doing this, we must not forget to accelerate the diplomatic phase of the revolution.

Only if we do these and forget about self interest that the rough path to freedom can be smoothened again.

Have you forgotten about the law of karma?

Unless you forget, posterity will judge us according to the action we carryout today.

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