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Cameroon will never be the same again. Biya’s legacy shall be the worst in the history of nations and leadership in the world. The only way Biya can avoid this unfortunate drama which is about to unfold in our very eyes, is for Mr Paul Biya to resign.

Given the recent manifestation of anger, bitterness, frustrations coming from the Mfoundi patriarchs, the Chiefs of the South West and North West, the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers, Bar Association, the Youths of the South, Far North regions, Cameroonians in the diaspora, the continuous clamoring for separation by citizens of former Southern Cameroons, and most recently the patriarchs of the Eastern region, the nation is just at the brink of breaking. There are four major things which we, the people of Cameroon under the coordination of USDP are asking Mr. Paul Biya to do.

1- Mr.Paul Biya should not insist to present himself as presidential candidate for the 2018 presidential election. Because, it is evident even to a blind person that Mr. Paul Biya does not have the moral, physical, energy to continue the affairs of Cameroon.

2- Mr. Paul Biya should dissolve ELECTIONS CAMEROON (ELECAM), call for the election or appointment of credible members of Elecam coming from all societal representation like all political parties, religious organizations, civil society etc.

3- Mr. Paul Biya should negotiate with the SCNC. This is because, whether his government wants it or not, from the consistent awareness of the need among Anglophone Cameroonians to stay away from La Republique du Cameroun, Southern Cameroons will sooner or later achieve its vision of separation, given the way things are going. Mr.Paul Biya should never underestimate the level of awareness and plans which the actors of this course have created among Anglophone Cameroonians. Mr. Paul Biya should not also think that manipulation of the ballot box will go unhindered as usual in Cameroon this time around. Mr. Mr Paul Biya should not use insulting languages like “les apprentice soscier” or “ou sont les preuves”. Because, the level of bitterness, frustrations, especially from the youths is very high.

4- Mr Paul Biya should grant dual nationality to Cameroonians. Because, it is a shame for him and members of his government to have foreign passports, while they deny fellow compatriots in the Diaspora who make serious contributions of more than 500 Billion franc CFA to the livelihood of Cameroonians yearly. It should be noted that the granting of dual nationality should not be used by the CPDM as a political tool to manipulate the consciences of Cameroonians.

Finally, USDP believes that every generation is responsible for the fate of their nations. Therefore, the youths should become very active in the political life of this nation, because the times have changed, and we must change with it.

Thank you Mark Bareta, God bless you, may God bless USDP and Cameroon

By Prince Ekosso
President, USDP

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