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30 Years Old Naked Woman With Mutilated Breasts Found In Buea








The population of Sandpit in Buea, Southwest Region, woke up to the morning of Wednesday, February 21 to discover a naked woman whose of breast were freshly cut off.

The incident that occurred in the early hours of the morning, attracted a mammoth crowd from the area and other neighbourhoods who rushed to the scene to see what had happened. The woman, in her 30s was found lying naked in front of the residence of a medical personnel, Mbapi Harriette, who works at the Buea Regional Hospital. When this reporter approached the scene, the feminine figure that was lying on the ground appeared very gory.

Apparently, the assailants might have carefully lacerated the breasts such that it appears as if they were amputated by a medic.
Makochi Beatrice, a woman who runs a restaurant business very close to the scene, narrated to BareataNews that she arrived her business
place and saw the woman lying by the road but mistook her for a mad woman who regularly roams the Sandpit Street.

“When I arrived at my business place, this morning and saw the
woman lying here by the road, I thought she is a mad girl who regularly comes here and disturbs us. I didn’t even know that it was a differ rent person with an injury. When I moved closer, I discovered that the woman had deep wounds on her chest. I immediately ran and called my neighbour who is a nurse. She too came, pulled off the veil covering the woman and she shouted that the woman’s breasts have been cut off. Given that she was already prepared to go to work, she opened her bag and removed her gloves, opened the veil and we saw that the woman’s breast had been freshly cut off. The population also started coming around. At this point, we called the Rapid Intervention Brigade who came and carried the woman to the General Hospital,” Beatrice narrated.

When asked if the woman could speak, Makochi was affirmative,
saying that the woman uttered some words when she was being carried into the police vehicle.

When BaretaNews got to the Regional Hospital, it was told that
the woman has been admitted at the surgical ward and is responding
to treatment.

Meanwhile, Mbapi Harriette, was also taken to the Rapid Intervention Battalion, GMI where she gave a statement and investigations have been opened. The Post garnered that the victim, who until now, has been a resident of Bwassa got missing three days back and her relatives have been looking for her but to no avail.

Many women at the scene wailed at what has befallen a fellow
woman as onlookers at the scene alluded the incident to a ritual case.
The incident follows many similar cases of murder and inhumane
treatment mostly felt on women in the town. There are also growing fears that trafficking in human parts in recent times is becoming alarming.

By Lucas Muma

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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